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RE: [softrock40] Re: [dds-vfo] Bezel for Hantronix LCD Display

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  • KY1K
    Now that softrock-40 mania has passed and softrock Mark 5 mania is approaching, will be soon had SDR-908 mania?? George, how can you even begin to estimate how
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 27, 2005
      Now that softrock-40 mania has passed and softrock Mark 5 mania is approaching, will be soon had SDR-908 mania??

      George, how can you even begin to estimate how many of these to make available in the first run??? I can't even imagine the demand, it's a little frightening to even think about.



      At 09:04 PM 10/26/2005, you wrote:

          Took a look at the SDR-908 page, George. Looks and sounds fantastic. I can't wait!

      Stan Rife
      Houston, TX
      K2 S/N 4216

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      Trying to get a neat-looking panel appearance for these ubiquitous LCD
      displays is always a challenge, but with a little homebrewing care you can
      achieve pretty decent results.

      If you measure carefully, you can have an okay look with the black body of
      the LCD unit extending a bit from the front panel.  As an example, take a
      look at my prototype "SDR-908" project on the (preliminary) page at
      http://www.amqrp.org/kits/sdr908/.  It's not absolutely perfect, but a
      number of the projects on my workbench never get past this point and they
      look pretty good.

      You can take it a step further by making a clear "front panel label",
      discussed many times in homebrewer circles, using your inkjet printer to
      print text and graphics on clear acetate material used for overhead
      projector transparency slides.  The trick with the LCD is to mount it flush
      with the front panel and put a thick black border on the acetate label,
      surrounding the rectangular display.  That's what we did in creating the
      nice front panel overlay for the Micro908 instrument
      ( http://www.amqrp.org/kits/micro908).  You can leave the clear plastic
      window in place, thus protecting the LCD surface, or you could use a razor
      blade to carefully cut out the blank center area for maximum display

      73, George N2APB

      PS:  I cross-posted this because the the topic is useful in the other areas

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      Subject: Re: [dds-vfo] Bezel for Hantronix LCD Display

      > On 26 Oct 2005 at 22:07, Mark Schreiner wrote:
      >> I finally had time to do some chassis work last night to put my IQ-VFO
      >> into a neater package (and keept he exposed parts from finding all
      >> sorts of dangerous things when exposed).  Has anyone found a nice
      >> bezel for the LCD display?  I checked Mouser & the Hantronix web page
      >> but didn't see anything on it.  Actually, my metal work turned out
      >> pretty good (better than other times I've worked on similar projects)
      >> but would still like to put a nice bezel on to make it look even more
      >> professional, after all, it deserves it!
      > Good question Mark, How do you get a "professional" finish when mounting
      > these
      > LCD displays?. I seem to either have the entire 'body' exposed or I just
      > cutout the display area, the first looks terrible and the second is very
      > difficult to get right, and even if I do 'get it right' it still looks
      > terrible and very amateur. Ideas on a postcard please..
      > Mike qthr


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