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Re: Softrock receivers

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  • jabauzit
    ... but my ... will be no ... will have a ... receiver. ... speakers and ... the TR ... Mhz and ... with the 20 ... circuit ... go to ... seeing as ... great
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 25, 2006
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      --- In softrock40@yahoogroups.com, "Loren Moline WA7SKT" <lmoline@...>
      > Hello Friends,
      > I am so impressed with the Softrock receivers that my next QRP CW
      > transceiver will use this receiver. Of course the portable ones wont
      but my
      > home transceiver will.
      > I have some very high noise on 40 meters here all the time so 40
      will be no
      > good here.
      > Here is my plan..what do you think.
      > For now the transmitter will be a conventional one with a VFO. I
      will have a
      > built in keyer which will both key the transmitter and mute the
      > The side tone will be mixed with the sound card output to the
      speakers and
      > have a level control. I will figure out just how I will construct
      the TR
      > switch. I will also have a spot switch. The VFO will be 5 to 5.xxx
      Mhz and
      > will use a transmit mixer with a 9 Mhz crystal to arrive at 14.xxx Mhz.
      > If I were to build one for 20 meters then all I would have to do
      with the 20
      > meter receiver I have now is install a 1/8" mono jack for the mute
      > which would mean a separate transmitter. Antenna from receiver would
      go to
      > transmitter receive output.
      > If I build one for 30 Meters I will probably put it all in 1 case
      seeing as
      > I haven't built my 30 meter receiver yet.
      > After listening to 20 meters with my Softrock I believe it will be a
      > QRP experience.
      > If and when a 30 Meter transceiver is developed by Tony I will then
      > one.
      Hi Loren,

      You should have a look at the Firefly, very close to want to want to do.

      Jean-Claude PJ2BVU
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