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Re: [softrock40] RX Ensemble Torrid Question

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  • Curt Carpenter
    I had a similar issue. In my case, the microcomputer IC was for some reason not making good contact with its socket. If I removed the IC and reinserted it,
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      I had a similar issue. In my case, the microcomputer IC was for some reason not making good contact with its socket.  If I removed the IC and reinserted it, the problem would go away.  After doing this a number of times, the problem seems to have gone away permanently for me.  The problem could be in my soldering of socket to board, a problem on the board, a problem with the socket or even a problem with the MCU.  Anyway, you might give it a try there. 


      On 10/6/2013 1:18 AM, Richard Mogford wrote:



      I am getting an intermittent output from the Ensemble II RX, I think.  Sometimes the band on the PowerSDR shows no input.  When I move the Ensemble box around, it comes back, like there is an intermittent open circuit. 


      I notice that the stereo “Line Out” jack on the Ensemble box seems kind of loose.  That is, I can waggle the stereo plug around a bit.  However, I am not sure what the problem is.  I don’t want to do anything to the Ensemble board without talking to you.




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      Hi Doug,

      The #27 wire has a larger diameter than the #30 wire.

      Gage of wire will make a very small difference in inductance so I would not rewind already completed inductors.  Each pass of the wire through the central hole of the core is counted as a turn.

      Lead length on an inductor will make some difference in the measured inductance and will especially be noticeable when measuring a small inductance.  If you have a inductor of known inductance it might be good to measure it on your LCR meter to give confidence that the readings are valid.


      Tony Parks


      On Wed, 2013-10-02 at 05:11 -0700, Douglas Luurs wrote:


      How important it is to use the correct gauge wire when winding the torrids ?


      I think I used the wrong gauge wire, and wanted to check before stripping them down and re doing them.


      I have access to a LCR Meter and the (L5) .46uH was giving me .75uh.  That's what leads me to think

      I booboo'd. (27g is the 'larger/thicker' wire correct?)





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