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RE : [softrock40] Re: Mobo v4.3.3 ALPHA

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  • Marc OLANIE
    Hi Mat ... yep, but in a direct email, not on this list :- )) Beware of the “from” field of your U.A. ... That would be surprising. The Electrolab is a
    Message 1 of 1 , May 20, 2013
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      Hi Mat

      >hello marc,i will use english non native language,ive spoken in french because you response me in french,
      yep, but in a direct email, not on this list :- )) Beware of the “from” field of your U.A.

      >for the news i have tried to connect me on electrolab.fr the only problem is that they have hundred of mail and they can answer in a few days

      That would be surprising. The Electrolab is a hackerspace (something equivalent to the NoiseBridge in San Francisco), and you’ll obtain answers even if you send an SOS in the middle of the night. Evil C0d3rZ and hardware hackers never sleep, particularly when most of them are Hams. There is only one email address for the mailing list. But this ML is not strictly dedicated to SDR and radio. We speak about high vacuum stuff, high power lasers, nanotech, electronic, 3D printing, hybrid circuit bonding, instrumentation and measure …. The best place to go is still the “SDR Software FR” ML. The Lab is just a wiki repository for SDR documentation (amongst so many things)

      >my uestion is where can i buy the mobo v4.3.3ALPHA and how much it cost?

      We already gave you the answer yesterday on the SDR Software FR mailing list and I think it has also been written on the Softrock ML and on the French Wiki page dedicated to the softrock (well, in fact, I’m pretty sure about it)

      Infos could be found on the Stormwarning Web site
      prices of the kits are (for Europe)
      MOBO : $105
      BP Filters (SMT version) $21.65

      BP filtes (toroid version, set of 10 band minifilter) $38

      SWRmeter $16.25

      Lowpass filter switching unit 8574 I/O Kit $17.40

      Order must be send via email and payd via Paypal to Alan (alan.r.hill@...).

      Prices for the PCBs (which are billed to a different address, alexlee188 att gmail dott com) are
      Mobo v4.3.4 pcb $20

      Minifilters v1.1 pcb $10 (10 pcs)

      SWRmeter pcb $5

      lowpass filter switching unit pcb $3

      I’ll send you a direct answer to your forelast email… it will be easier in our native language

      Marc f6itu
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