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Re: [softrock40] Ensemble ii and new Imac

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  • Simon Thompson
    Thanks! I will try to install it as you have done.
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 25, 2013
      Thanks! I will try to install it as you have done.
      On 2013-03-25, at 3:35 PM, Jasmine Strong <modulararithmetic@...> wrote:


      If you use DSP Radio, you don't need any driver for the USB tuning control.  

      I made a video on how to set up the audio for DSP Radio on an Ensemble RXTX;  the Ensemble receivers are similar.


      On 25 Mar 2013, at 15:32, "simonthompson1234" <simonthompson67@...> wrote:


      Hello all

      I have just acquired a new Imac and have spent the past three days trying to get DSP radio working with the Ensemble ii. I would like to get some step by step instructions to connect the receiver to the Imac; at this point I am not concerned what software I use, as long as I can get it all to work together.

      I was able to get the Ensemble ii working with HDSDR on a PC, so the receiver is working. But how can I connect the receiver to the Imac, when the Imac does not have an audio in jack? I have an Imic, which is an external sound card that connects via a USB, but the Imac doesn't seem to be able to see the receiver via the Imic, and the rig control USB does not register at all with the iMac.

      I know that with the PC, I needed a special USB driver (ExtIO) to get rig control. But I am njot sure if that's the same deal with the Mac.

      Anyway, I am very frustrated with this situation. Can anyone give me a hand?

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