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  • Jerry Haigwood
    Hi Cecil, I found two things which kept my RX from working. First, the Recording panel of my Realtek HD control panel was muted. After un-muting, I started
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 24, 2013

      Hi Cecil,

           I found two things which kept my RX from working.  First, the Recording panel of my Realtek HD control panel was muted.  After un-muting, I started to see some signals.  They were not very strong but at least there were some there.  I then hooked up my 150 foot long center fed doublet – at least I thought I had it hooked up.  As it turned out, it was still grounded from thunderstorms earlier in the week.  After I discovered that, things started to play nicely.  So, both problems were cockpit errors!

      Jerry W5JH

      "building something without experimenting is just solder practice"




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      1. The most common problem causing deafness is the filter not being
      built right, usually a coil not making a connection, or not wound
      correctly, or the capacitors in the wrong place. If that is not the
      issue there is another reason.

      2. If you look at the schematics you see that the input to the
      SoftRock is a band-pass filter as such putting an additional
      capacitor to ground would de-tune the filter. A short wire antenna
      appears as a large capacitor which is a reason why you could have a
      deaf receiver, of course there could be other problems but that one
      by itself would do it.

      The solution to problem #2 is to hookup to a resonant antenna which
      appears as a resistor or make your wire resonant by putting a tuner
      between the wire and the SoftRock, adjusting it so it resonates the
      antenna and it no longer a large capacitor to de-tune the input
      filter. As you adjust the tuner you will see the background noise and
      signals pick up.

      At 08:08 AM 2/24/2013, you wrote:

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      >Subject: [softrock40] Ensemble II RX not receiving
      >Hi All,
      > I just completed building an ensemble II RX. All of the tests checked
      >OK during the build. So, I decided to give it a try this afternoon. I am
      >using HDSDR but, I am not receiving anything (I have also tried Rocky with
      >the same results). So, I have a couple of questions. What would happen if
      >my built in Realtek sound card did not have stereo input? What would I see
      >or hear on the PC? What I am seeing is just noise at about -110db. I do
      >not see any signals at all. I am using a small indoor antenna, but one
      >would expect I would see some signals.
      >Jerry W5JH
      >"building something without experimenting is just solder practice"

      Cecil - k5nwa
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