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RE: [softrock40] USB Connector

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  • Jerry Haigwood
    Alan, I found my jeweler s screw drivers and using the smallest one, have tried bending the contacts on the connector. It has temporarily fixed the
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          I found my jeweler’s screw drivers and using the smallest one, have tried bending the contacts on the connector.  It has temporarily fixed the intermittent connection.  I am hoping this is a permanent fix.  Time will tell.  The USB connector would not be an easy part to remove. So far, everything else on the build is working properly.  I took the time to measure every component before installing it (except connectors and ICs).  I adjusted the toroid inductors using my AADE LC meter.  I am hoping this insures a nice clean startup.

      Jerry W5JH

      "building something without experimenting is just solder practice"




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      >> I am just about finished building my Ensemble II RX. I am having
      > trouble with the USB connector. It appears to be very intermittent. I can
      > wiggle it a bit and I get the familiar Beep-Bonk that XP puts out on the
      > speaker when you either plug in a new USB device or remove an USB device.
      > After this happens, I have to unplug the USB cable, wiggle things around and
      > sometimes I can get it fixed temporarily. I remember seeing someone else
      > report the same problem maybe a week or so ago. Are the USB sockets on the
      > board junk? Is there a simple fix? Maybe bend some pins? Right now, I
      > cannot complete the tests associated with the band pass filters due to the
      > intermittent USB socket. Any help would be appreciated greatly.


      I do not think this is a common fault.
      If your cable and solder joints are good then maybe you do have a bad socket. But I'd think it unlikely.

      73 Alan G4ZFQ

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