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Ensemble RXTX 40-30-20 won’t transmit

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  • g8ajm
    First let me say how happy I am with the kit and the service. It arrived in no time, it was all there and seems to be very good quality. Having finished the
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2012
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      First let me say how happy I am with the kit and the service.  It arrived in no time, it was all there and seems to be very good quality.  Having finished the build thanks to the excellent notes from WB5RVZ, I have some questions, some of which may be a bit dumb, but I'm a newbie to SDR so be gentle with me!

      1. Receiver works just fine with HDSDR and I can hear plenty of stuff tuning from 40-20m. I tried PSDR but it has too many knobs for a beginner like me. I'm hoping to play with WSPR for which I understand precise frequency setting is important. For calibration I went to use the phase thingy in AM mode as suggested by one of the contributors here (I think), but after updating my version of HDSDR, the "compass" device vanished! Has that been discontinued, or has it been hidden and only brought out when required on a menu somewhere, is there another way to calibrate precisiely without a super accurate sig gen?

      2. Now the major problem; the transmitter doesn't. I've checked as much as I'm able to and I'm beginning to think the problem might be a result of me not understanding the function of the rig/pc interface. I thought I'd start with a simple test on CW but realised the key socket looks for paddles.  The circuit suggests each paddle has, or could have, a different function and I think an article I read somewhere referred to the dit and dah sides. This seems to suggest the controller has a keyer function (iambic maybe). I set up a couple of push buttons to replicate paddles and hit the HSDR "TX" button in CW mode.  The waterfall stopped, "TX" went red, PTT line changed state but no sign of any rf.  My scope shows nothing happening at the soundcard output (it's a Creative SB X-Fi FATAL1TY Edition). It works fine when used on receive, and now I've switched to using it for tx with rx handled by on-board sound.  Any thoughts as to what I'm doing wrong?

      3. Has anyone written a "Now you've built it, this is how you get it going" guide?

      Grateful for any feedback, thanks



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