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Re: Jmonitor and the latest GIT of ghpsdr3-alex

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  • n8mdp
    Andrea, I isolated the problem I am having. The Client: invalid buffer_type error is generated on John Melton s Client.java file component of jmonitor. It is
    Message 1 of 6 , Nov 17, 2012
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      I isolated the problem I am having. The "Client: invalid buffer_type" error is generated on John Melton's Client.java file component of jmonitor. It is a result of the buffer_type not equaling 0 for SPECTRUM_BUFFER and 1 for AUDIO_BUFFER. I am getting buffer types such as:

      opened client socket on port 8000
      Client: invalid buffer_type 119
      Client: invalid buffer_type 241
      Client: invalid buffer_type 100
      Client: invalid buffer_type 200
      Client: invalid buffer_type 228

      Using NetBeans, I can step by step debug the code as it is executing and monitor the buffer_type at is inputted by the command buffer_type=inputSTream.read(); command

      So there is something in the protocol in the latest version of the ghpsdr3-alex code that jmonitor doesn't agree with. I will be reviewing the Connection.cpp code to see if I can determine where the problem is. But if you have some information that could help me, I would appreciate it. I am not the best C++ coder but I can usually figure things out. Perhaps it is just my lack of knowledge of how the data is passed between the dspserver / Connection.cpp code and into jmonitor.

      Best Regards.

      --- In softrock40@yahoogroups.com, "John Tucker" <ars_n8mdp@...> wrote:
      > Andrea,
      > Thanks. I'll see what I can do. If I get it working, I'll let you know.
      > Regards.
      > John
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      > From: Andrea Montefusco
      > Sent: Sunday, November 11, 2012 3:55 PM
      > To: softrock40@yahoogroups.com
      > Cc: n8mdp
      > Subject: Re: [softrock40] Re: Jmonitor and the latest GIT of ghpsdr3-alex
      > On 11/11/2012 02:45 PM, n8mdp wrote:
      > > Thanks for the update. I would be happy to try to update the jmonitor tool
      > > myself.
      > > If you could direct me to where the new protocols are in ghpsdr3-alex,
      > > I could give it a try. Most of jmonitor is working so I hope this would
      > > not be a monumental task.
      > The client implementation can be seen in trunk/src/QtRadio/Connection.cpp.
      > I suggest you to subscribe also to sdr-widget mailing list where, despite
      > the name, the ghpsdr3-alex
      > developments are discussed. There you can even ask for github repository
      > write access.
      > *am*
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