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Re: [softrock40] QRP2000 USB-Controlled Synthesizer kit with CMOS

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  • Chris Wilson
    ... 16/11/2012 00:03 I bought this of Ebay the other week :
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 15, 2012
      > Can someone educate me on what the Synthesizer kits are used for?
      > What does it do and to what kit is it likely to be used for? Is this
      > strictly for TX or for RX? Will this work on a PeaBerry or just the
      > SoftRock boards? I have reviewed the web site of SDRkits.net for
      > information but after reading that description I can see how this
      > would be useful but I do not fully comprehend the information.

      > 73,
      > KD8IGK
      > Bill

      16/11/2012 00:03

      I bought this of Ebay the other week :

      As it's the older RXTX it is crystal controlled, not tunable like the
      current kits. However, there's an add on kit to use the synthesizer
      tuning, which I will get, then it's effectively the same as a curent
      RXTX Ensemble. I fancied a 160 meter version and made an impulsive

      Best Regards,
      Chris Wilson. 2E0ILY
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