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Re: Softrocks introductory Line of SDR

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  • Shawn Reed
    Good Morning Mr. Parks and Co. This is my experience with your kits - (A month short of a year ago. Also, my experience with ham radio in entirety - one year s
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 20, 2012
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      Good Morning Mr. Parks and Co.
           This is my experience with your kits - (A month short of a year ago. Also, my experience with ham radio in entirety - one year's time). I started with your lite model. Actually, I acquired it through NorCal, to which you had donated the "through hole" boards. A great score I made, realizing SDR as an equal aspect to radio,  (your reputation preceding).  I had some rusty soldering skills acquired from a short stint in the AF, dating back to 1974, learning avionics - nav sys. Most of the time I was on one knee, taking off panels on F-4D's, from underneath with a speed wrench, removing and re-installing  navigational equipment. When I learned that shop work was a nicer environment, I learned how to turn on an O-scope and read a tech book. Then, before I knew it, I was off and away in civilian life, not to pursue electronics for the reason I didn't feel I could keep up with the speed of advancement in the field, without constant schooling, (my excuse) - and I was one who never did a lick of homework in my life, as it was. Plus, competing interests in the universe pulled me elsewhere, and seemingly, everywhere. 
           Back to my rusty soldering skills - I had forgotten how. It didn't take long though before I rejuvenated the skill, with a couple simple kits of sorts, and began a "ready state of mind" towards your offerings of SDR, in an inviting and introductory way. This was a blessing! I had one main project going on at the time. An inop Ten Tec, 40 meter, that had been hit a hundred times with an iron, prior to my "used purchase". I hit it some more, got some things turned around, and other things making no noise at all, when I used to hear a phone ring. I was glad to put it aside and take up the softrock challenge. I've read daily, since my beginning, the forum, staying abreast of all that I had zero knowledge of, but taking it in. I have built your line of kits up through the RX TX, where I have it on hold, after just starting it, for to catch up with the others. Performing the mods along the way.
           Early on, I saw some signals on my program, then I saw my battle pending with my inadequate PC. I kept building your kits, regardless, for the success on that end was satisfying enough to me, and I could continue to make progress. Finally, and just recently, I've got an entire new system humming along. Still looking forward to affording, what appears to be a very compatible sound card in the D44, to start over on the software end. I don't think a days gone by to where I haven't related your kits to the rest of my endeavors, and I now have a bench full of them. You know how the saying goes, "That if only one soul is saved...Then my work has been successful."
          Last August I tested for my Amateur license and passed the general test. Today, I,m working on a BPF design on a board offered by Dave, WB6DHW, with the kit offered by K5BCQ@.... Great fun, but not without your philosophical generosity.
           It all comes together for me. I go about it a different way, but what the heck. I get to see it another way, by doing so.  Take care. Thank you very much. 73. Shawn Reed. KF7YFF.
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