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Re: [softrock40] Softrock VHF/UHF as remote repeater receivers

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  • Scott Zimmerman
    Message 1 of 6 , Oct 3, 2012
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      > your going to need an amp! for 50w.
      <-- My intentions were to utilize this site as a remote receive site for many repeaters, NOT as a
      full-blown repeater site.

      I've ordered a couple of the RTL2832/E4000 based devices from FleaBay. I'll play around with them,
      but I think they'll work just fine. Thanks for the idea.

      It seems as though Osmocom might just do the trick for decoding multiple streams from this one
      device. Thanks for the ideas.


      Scott Zimmerman
      Amateur Radio Call N3XCC
      474 Barnett Road
      Boswell, PA 15531

      On 10/3/2012 2:30 AM, Mathison Ott wrote:
      > Use the uhfsdr with band specific 2m filters for an RX/TX solution, your going to need an amp! for 50w.
      > Ive yet to see any SDR programs Act like a repeater but for remote DSP servers there is GHPSDR3. Its
      > possible id love to see an SDR repeater. GHPSDR3 audio is developed around codec2. Why not an
      > RTL-sdr for RX it a simpler than a uhf softrock. Then the UHFSDR is the TX board.
      > 73
      > Mathison KJ6DZB
      > On Tue, Oct 2, 2012 at 7:02 PM, Scott Zimmerman <n3xcc@...
      > <mailto:n3xcc@...>> wrote:
      > I know this is an odd question for a (primarily) low-band related subject, but this is somewhat of
      > an odd application, so it *should* end up as a wash. HIHI
      > I'm thinking of using a VHF/UHF version of the Ensemble II to receive multiple 2M/UHF repeater
      > input
      > frequencies, then send them back to their respective repeater sites via VoIP to be voted with their
      > "main" receivers. I am wondering if anyone has ever done anything like this before, and if so, how
      > it worked out for them.
      > It seems to me as though I could have an Ensemble II running into a soundcard on the "decoder" PC.
      > (or Raspberry PI module) The output of the sound card would need to be virtually split into
      > multiple feeds. (using Virtual Audio Cable) Each of these feeds would run to an instance of some
      > sort of *simple* (Read: non-CPU hog) SDR FM receiver software to decode each "channel." Each
      > decoded channel would then be fed again though Virtual Audio Cable (or an actual audio cable) to an
      > AllStar Node running the XIPAR package. (The remote VoIP voting software)
      > I guess in my analysis of the above, the first thing to find is a simple FM SDR receiver software
      > package. (Preferably running under linux) Anyone have any suggestions?
      > I know this is "outside the box," but I like to push the envelope on occasion. HIHI
      > Scott
      > Scott Zimmerman
      > Amateur Radio Call N3XCC
      > 474 Barnett Road
      > Boswell, PA 15531
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