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Re: Checks on a completed Ensemble RX

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  • dxmaniacde
    ... I think, I ll write up a paragraph or two. It s not too difficult and can save a couple of puzzled moments for builders, I guess.. ... I ve only read about
    Message 1 of 10 , Sep 25, 2012
      --- In softrock40@yahoogroups.com, "Alan" <alan4alan@...> wrote:

      > >But I wished for WB5RVZ's builders' notes to be more detailed on the coil winding.. There's a link in the guide to a howto, but
      > >since there's only one more complicated coil(T3 with the three windings), I would have enjoyed reading a more detailed description
      > Well, you've just done it as a beginner. How about writing something and submitting it to Robby. Most of us have forgotten the first
      > time.

      I think, I'll write up a paragraph or two. It's not too difficult and can save a couple of puzzled moments for builders, I guess..

      > >I don't have a license and even less the technical background needed to get one).
      > Here you do not need a technical background. It once helped, but has never been essential. The emphasis nowadays is on making sure
      > the operator knows how to operate. Our full licence has a few technical questions but if someone gets the rest right they pass.
      > I've always been a SWL, even though I eventually got a licence.

      I've only read about the licenses.. You can even get an SWL license over here in Germany, so they can give you a callsign and you can request QSL cards.. But from what I've read, only the SWL license deals mostly with the legal aspects of ham radio, the others have to be taken at the local telecomms agency's office and they contain a fair amount of technical questions, so you don't kill all the TVs in the vicinity when you press your send key for the very first time :-) Or so the rumours go..

      Speaking of erraneous signals.. I've finally got my Softrock to work properly.. I had to spend a bit more time on configuring the sdr-radio.com application to do the right thing(eg. limiting the waterfall display to 100kHz when the soundcard puts out 96kHz of data, so I don't have any black stripes at the side I could step through without ever finding any signal).. And all those evenly spaced lines in the waterfall are most probably stray signals from around my flat.. I'm living in Germany's second largest city after all and all I've got so far on my balcony are two DIY antennas(a loop with 1m diameter and a miracle dipole of sorts).. With my world receiver, I've had less problems, but then, I also couldn't see what's going on, I just skipped past the noisy bits until I found a station..

      The Softrock seems much more sensitive to this kind of noise but also shows the carriers of stations much more clearly, once you know what you're looking for :-) I guess when I mastered the noise filters on that program, I'm probably as good as I was with the other radio, but I can comfortably sit at the laptop by the balcony door instead of having to freeze on the balcony itself :-)

      So all in all, everything turned out good and I'm finally beginning to enjoy myself..
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