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Re: [softrock40] Softrock ensemble ii no audio

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  • Matt Okeson-Harlow
    ... DOH! Hopefully I haven t broken anything. ... I got a hump when touching U10 pin 2. But nothing on U11. I added a screenshot to
    Message 1 of 8 , Jul 25, 2012
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      On Wed, Jul 25, 2012 at 06:55:39AM -0000, Alan wrote:
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      > Subject: Re: [softrock40] Softrock ensemble ii no audio
      > >
      > > I touched a pin to 2 & 6 and got a "bump" at the initial contact and end of
      > > contact, but not a "hum". Also, I first started out shorting 1 and 6, got a
      > > tone.
      > >
      > Matt,
      > I did not say short anything. This can damage things, although what you
      > describe should not have. Just touch pins individually holding a metal
      > probe. This is the "wet finger" test, you use your body as an antenna
      > injecting hum into the circuit.

      DOH! Hopefully I haven't broken anything.

      > At least this has told me you are connected to the soundcard. Try my tests
      > again. If you get a hum on the mixer pins then it seems you will not be
      > getting the antenna signal to the mixer. Bad soldering on the coils is a
      > common problem. You must have passed all the BPF checks. If it receives
      > nothing on any band check the coils that are common.

      I got a hump when touching U10 pin 2. But nothing on U11.
      I added a screenshot to http://files.technoamge.net/softrock

      I checked that I had continuity on all of the coils when I installed them.
      Is the 3 turns to the inch a minimum or a maximum? Would more turns to the
      inch cause a problem?

      Is it possible to check anything with an RF probe, that being one of the few
      diagnostic tools that I do have?

      Or should I just pull L2, L3, T6, L4 and T5 off the board and rewind them?


      Matt Okeson-Harlow
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