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Design analysis of Ensemble II

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  • Reginald
    If anyone has done any circuit analysis of the Ensemble II RX or any of the Softrock family I d like to hear from you. I ve seen Tom Hong s files of Spice
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3, 2012
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      If anyone has done any circuit analysis of the Ensemble II RX or any of the Softrock family I'd like to hear from you.

      I've seen Tom Hong's files of Spice simulation of the bandpass filters but nothing else.

      I am interested because it is a simple design which makes thorough analysis not a large chore. 15-20 years ago I spent very many pleasant hours immersed in "Solid State Design for the Radio Amateur" by Hayward & DeMaw and building various things. Mostly building blocks for radios, oscillators, amplifiers, mixers, etc. Things I could connect up to test a radio design w/o having to do a of work.

      Having bought "Introduction to Radio Frequency Design" by Hayward I'd like to apply it the the Ensemble II. If someone else has delved into this I'd be grateful for guidance and suggestions. Ultimately I'd like to see a thorough analysis of the receiver. I think the educational value of such an analysis would be huge. I'm certain I would learn a lot.

      Back then I was handicapped by having nothing but a DVM and a 5 MHz recurrent sweep scope. I'm now much better equipped and far more knowledgeable. So I'm looking forward to the adventure even if I do take a beating repairing my test gear along the way. Some of it I bought non-functioning and all has been in storage for 15 years.

      If you think this a waste of time, please be quiet. It's my hobby goal, not yours. You are welcome to do as you please. I shall do as I wish whatever you might think. I am interested in the technology for its own sake.

      Have Fun!
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