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Re: [softrock40] More Java: distinguishing Softrocks

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  • Roger Critchlow
    Try reconnecting the Softrock. The values of the device descriptor get read when the device is enumerated. You may only see the cached copy of that initial
    Message 1 of 7 , May 30, 2012
      Try reconnecting the Softrock.  The values of the device descriptor get read when the device is enumerated.  You may only see the cached copy of that initial read until the device powers up and gets enumerated again.

      -- rec --

      2012/5/30 Albert Gerheim <alpg49@...>

      Very strange.  Under debug, I can read and write integers using the 0x43 command, but the serial number under CFGSR and Test (Win) Program, the SN still comes up "PE0FKO-0".  

      It does what I want, but not what it's supposed to do.  

       On Wed, May 30, 2012 at 6:41 PM, Roger Critchlow <rec@...> wrote:

      Good, sounds like you're getting to the fun part.

      You can also set the serial number digit with CFGSR.  The second screen shot at http://www.pe0fko.nl/CFGSR/ shows the SerialNumber field with a drop down menu to the right for adjusting the final digit.  CFGSR also gives you a way to double check what you've done, and to reset the firmware after you brick it.

      -- rec --

      2012/5/30 Albert Gerheim <alpg49@...>

      Gotcha!  This leads to some options wrt assigning the numbers along with an identifying string, for example:  

      0 matched to 15, 12, 10M
      1 matched to whatever
      2 matched to 20, 30 40M, 

      I'm building this thing for my own twisted amusement, and it's gonna have some twisted, amusing, features.  :-)

      On Wed, May 30, 2012 at 5:24 PM, Roger Critchlow <rec@...> wrote:

      Al --

      There is a serial number reported in the device descriptor.  

      When I look at the softrock on linux with lsusb, I see:

       rec@elf11:~$ sudo lsusb -vs 6:3

      Bus 006 Device 003: ID 16c0:05dc VOTI shared ID for use with libusb
      Device Descriptor:
        bLength                18
        bDescriptorType         1
        bcdUSB               1.10
        bDeviceClass          255 Vendor Specific Class
        bDeviceSubClass         0 
        bDeviceProtocol         0 
        bMaxPacketSize0         8
        idVendor           0x16c0 VOTI
        idProduct          0x05dc shared ID for use with libusb
        bcdDevice            1.00
        iManufacturer           1 www.obdev.at
        iProduct                2 DG8SAQ-I2C
        iSerial                 3 PE0FKO-0

      The terminal 0 on PE0FKO-0 can be changed to any single alphanumeric character through the usb interface.  Once changed it is remembered across power cycles and usb connections.

      Your program should be able to use libusb to see all that information, and it should also be able to change the last character of the serial number when you find the right call to the firmware.

      -- rec --

      2012/5/30 alpg49 <alpg49@...>

      I have 2 softrock ensemble RXTX's, and I want my Java program to distinguish them. When I look at them in debug (using libusbjava with Netbeans IDE) I can't tell the difference.

      Is there a variable or method in the device class that I can use to distinguish them? I'd prefer a chip-based serial number, not just an integer assigned by the PC based on order of initialization.


      -Al Gerheim, K1QN

      BTW, anyone out there on digital modes in VT or NH? I need a sked.

      Al Gerheim
      Adopt a Homeless Pet

      Al Gerheim
      Adopt a Homeless Pet

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