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SV: [softrock40] Re: Additional SoftRock kits to be offered

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  • Dennis Andersen
    Hi Tom Just saw you stated that you never worked with smd components before, and therefore you would prefer to start with a Softrock_40_R kit. The 40_R kit is
    Message 1 of 6 , May 1, 2012
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      Hi Tom


      Just saw you stated that you never worked with smd components before, and therefore you would prefer to start with a Softrock_40_R kit.

      The 40_R kit is the cheapest kit to mess up, I agree on that. But when I’ve said that, I do think, that you get a lot more going with the Softrock Ensemble RX II.

      And regarding the difference and difficulty by building the 40_R and the Ensemble RX aren’t that hugde smd component-wise. As I remember, there actually a lot less smd components in Ensemble RX II than there are through-hole components.

      And after I build the Ensemble RX the 40_R is basically retired.

      The difference on the two are also that in the ensemble rx II you get a full band all-mode receiver with automatic bandpass filters. On the 40_R you get one band, and with a soundcard able to sample 96 kHz, you have 48 kHz to listen to. On some bands that isn’t that much. If you go with a soundcard able to sample 48 kHz, well then you’re down to 24 kHz of bandwidth. And in that you have to remember that there might be a loud noisy spike from your soundcard that take a small bit too.


      I would, with the knowledge that I have today after building those kits, buy the Ensemble RX II. It’s not harder to build smd-wise than the 40_R, and as I said in my opinion you get a lot more.

      You have some coils and transformers to build. But there are a lot of good materials on the internet about that. And to be honest with you I too started with the 40_R as a novice, never touched a smd component. But I thought that it couldn’t be that hard as all the stuff I read, so I allied me with my temp adjustable soldering iron with a small tip, and a wooden toothpick, yeah you just smiled there didn’t you J but that was how I build my first softrock.

      Now I do use my xyl’s eyebrow plucking tweezers, but beside that nothing news has changed.


      Just go ahead, buy what you would like.


      Best regards



      Dennis Andersen



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      I've never built an SDR or worked with SMD, so would prefer starting with the 40M version of your SoftRock_40_R when it is again available. I'll be checking your webpage.


      "Tony Parks" <kb9yig@...> wrote:

      > Good Afternoon All,
      > With kit shipments tomorrow I will be caught up on open orders except for DX order where multiple Ensemble kits were ordered. DX orders for multiple Ensemble kits will continue to be filled by sending each kit in two padded envelopes and completion of these orders will go into early next week in some cases.
      > Additional circuit boards are on order, but I will be able to offer some kits tomorrow evening from my present stock of circuit boards. Kits to be offered Tuesday evening on my website will include five RXTX Ensemble kits, twenty RX Ensemble II kits, fifteen 6m/4m/2m RX Ensemble kits, and ten SoftRock_40_R kits. With the SoftRock_40_R kits I am thinking about 30m kits but would like to get some feedback concerning what band people would be interested in.
      > Thanks for your kit interest in the kits and kit orders.
      > 73,
      > Tony KB9YIG

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