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Re: [softrock40] Re: Made a QSO with SDR exciter

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  • Bill Tracey
    Hi Terry, No need for apologies -- you re finding glitches I need to go hunt down. The xmit frequency thing makes a bit of sense to me now. I m setting the
    Message 1 of 7 , Oct 2, 2006
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      Hi Terry,

      No need for apologies -- you're finding glitches I need to go hunt down.

      The xmit frequency thing makes a bit of sense to me now. I'm setting the
      xmit frequency in the MOX button handling code - so am somewhat confused
      why that is not working. Will have to dig into the code -- sounds like
      there's a path thru there I did not catch.

      PTT & Keyer needing to be under different COM ports -- looks like I need
      to make parts of the code aware of each other. The keyer code wants to
      open and control the port and the CAT part of the code has already done
      it. Will add it to the list of things to fix. I too would like to get
      the PTT out to the SR and keyer connections on the same comm port.


      Bill (kd5tfd)

      At 10:31 PM 10/2/2006, Terry wrote:
      >Thank you for the very quick response.
      >Here is what I just found out regarding tx frequency setting. If I
      >just tune in a receive signal, the transmit audio does not change
      >frequency. Probably a good thing, in tha it prevents small receive
      >tuning changes to afec the transmit frequency as well. I had been
      >tuning in a station on receive, then hitting MOX to respond to their
      >CQ. That doesn't work, as the Tx freq is wherever you left it.
      >In order to move the transmit freq to match the newly tuned-in Rx
      >freq, I must first select one of the pre-canned messages to send (CWX
      >page), then hit stop. Only then does the tx frequency move. Also,
      >the KEY button on the CWX page does not key the transmitter, I must
      >hit the MOX button of the main screen to transmit on the proper freq.
      >Regarding the PTT & keyer: Under the CAT control, I have selected
      >COM1 and DTR (I can change to RTS). Then, when I go to the DSP tab,
      >keyer subtab, and try to select Com1 uner connections/primary, I get
      >a message saying "Primary Keyer Port [COM1] could not be opened". If
      >I try to select COM1 under secondary, I get a message box
      >saying "Comport for keyer program could not be opened". My wish
      >would be to allow the PTT and both iambic key paddle connections to
      >be on the same COM port.
      >I really apologize if this is normal, and I am not using the software
      >right. Please take the above as being helpful, and identifying
      >potential issues.
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