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Re: [softrock40] How to transmit CW with PSDR

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  • Albert Gerheim
    How do you specify straight key . I looked for it in the forest of menus, but couldn t find it. (I have a WW II veteran J-38!) ... -- Al Gerheim Adopt a
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 1, 2012
      How do you specify "straight key".  I looked for it in the forest of menus, but couldn't find it.  (I have a WW II veteran J-38!) 

      On Sat, Dec 31, 2011 at 2:28 PM, Bruce Tanner <bet110@...> wrote:

      Al, there tends to be some delay between the 'real time' keying according to what your fist is doing and what you are hearing on the software monitor.  I don't know that anyone has overcome this totally.  The signal as heard on the other end is probably OK. I have resorted to using an electronic keyer plugged into the Softrock and then use 'strait key mode' on PSDR.  That way you are hearing what you expect from your keying... and the guy on the other end will never know the difference. It does require that you shut down the audio from the software monitoring during your transmissions. 

      Additionally, I have found that if your are using only the PSDR software you might try extending the VOX delay long enough to overcome the inherent delay due to digital processing that is occurring within the software. This is just a trial and error issue to find the setting that works for you.  With 50 years experience you are probably a LOT faster than the digital processing is expecting!

      Perhaps others will have suggestions as to ways of improving upon the issue. So stay tuned... many are using the CW modes every day with success.

      Happy New Year!

      Bruce, K2BET

      On 12/31/2011 2:17 PM, alpg49 wrote:

      My apologies if I inspire an RTFM statement, but I can't find a lot of details on this.

      The problem:
      Xp Pro, 1.5GHz, 1.6GB RAM, PSDR, Softrock Ensemble RXTX, trying to work CW.

      Determined that it's one fine little CW receiver.

      Paddles check out using CFGSR.

      When using them with PSDR, keying is extremely broken, and/or delayed to the point that I can't manually key. (Almost 50 years on CW here.) I fooled with the configuration for "quite some time", with the same result. If there's any RF output, I'm not seeing it on the meter. (I have a standard SWR/Power meter, but I can still see daylight between the "0" hashmark and the needle on the digital modes.)

      Even when using the prepackaged messages in the CWX menu, the keying starts out extremely broken, then, eventually becomes readable.

      I ran through the "configuration for CW" page from the psdr group.

      The diagnosis at this time is either the PC is too slow for the task, or I'm missing something very simple.

      -Al Gerheim, K1QN

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      Al Gerheim
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