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RE: [softrock40] Ensemble RXTX Hardware Question

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  • K. D. Sarchet
    Thank you very much. I was looking at it as if the signal from the sleeve of J3 was going to C8 via the C6 R15 network. I now see that C8 is part of the
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      Thank you very much.  I was looking at it as if the signal from the sleeve of J3 was going to C8 via the C6 R15 network.  I now see that C8 is part of the feedback network.  Now it is obvious to me how this is accomplished.


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      Signal 0 goes through one inverter, signal 180 goes through two inverters so there is a 180 degree difference between them. The name is a misnomer, they decided to call the signals 0 and 180 even though they are really 180 and 0 from the input, it's not an issue as long as they treat both sides the same which they do.

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      I’m new to the world of SDR, and understand the theory of how the SoftRock works.  I have a question concerning how it is applied to the hardware.
      Referring to the schematic of the TX Op Amps, http://www.wb5rvz.com/sdr/ensemble/08_tx_opamp.htm , specifically U6.  What makes the 180 degree phase shift through both op amps in U6?  My limited knowledge of op amps tells me that a single inverting op amp would shift a signal 180 degrees.  So I would think that 2 back to back inverting op amps with unity gain would provide a mirror image of the input.
      Sorry if this is obvious to everyone other than me, but you can chalk it up to an old-timer from the tube era, trying to understand the digital age J.
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