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RE: [softrock40] UHFSDR 70cm with Grade B SI570 Tests

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    Dang typo ... I meant the BCA .... what is the common top end of the 1.4Ghz version? To: softrock40@yahoogroups.com From: sboyce@blueyonder.co.uk Date: Fri, 30
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 30, 2011
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      Dang typo ...

      I meant the BCA .... what is the common top end of the 1.4Ghz version?

      To: softrock40@yahoogroups.com
      From: sboyce@...
      Date: Fri, 30 Dec 2011 03:13:52 +0000
      Subject: Re: [softrock40] UHFSDR 70cm with Grade B SI570 Tests

      On the Ensemble RXTX I got the si570 C up to 144Mhz, but it won't do 440Mhz, usbsoftrock attempting 440Mhz read back 144Mhz.
      73 ... Sid.

      On 29/12/11 22:33, MIKE DURKIN wrote:

      Has any one tried a Si570 BAC(or a BAA) past 1.4ghz?

      I used to have a freq counter that would count up to 6ghz, had it loaned to a friend for an extended time .... lost it when he passed on ....
      If I still had it I would do it my self ....

      Mike KC7NOA

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      From: oliver.goldenstein@...
      Date: Thu, 29 Dec 2011 22:01:37 +0100
      Subject: [softrock40] UHFSDR 70cm with Grade B SI570 Tests

      Hi All!

      You may now i am a bit a nursery's child :-)

      I do still a lot of Experiments with my UHFSDR which performs very
      well and locally even without BPF's and a Preamp so far.

      I definitely want to go on 70cm with my UHFSDR to receive Satellite Signals.

      The first results you can see here, what is possible to do with a
      UHFSDR and a Grade B SI570 (up to 810 MHZ /2 = 405 MHZ normally).

      My Grade B SI570 works very well up to 440 MHZ.

      I was not on 70cm for years and to be honest i am impressed about the
      technical capabilities of modern Repeaters.

      But have a look. UHFSDR with no BPF and a 2m/70cm Vertical on the balcony:


      Future Tasks:

      The next is to build a filter for 2-Meter. The parts are already in
      and the design is from here:


      and i ordered a LNA/BPF for 70cm from Roberto DG0VE just around the corner:


      So stay tuned.

      73 de Oliver DL6KBG and to all a happy and successful new year

      Oliver, DL6KBG, JO61UB

      Sid Boyce ... Hamradio License G3VBV, Licensed Private Pilot,
      Emeritus IBM/Amdahl Mainframes and Sun/Fujitsu Servers Tech Support
      Senior Staff Specialist, Cricket Coach
      Microsoft Windows Free Zone - Linux used for all Computing Tasks
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