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Re: [softrock40] Original SoftRock-40

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  • Sid Boyce
    The Mobo is shipped with both SMT inductors and toroids. The SMT ones are said to be of a much lower Q factor but I hadn t noticed any big differences between
    Message 1 of 22 , Dec 5, 2011
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      The Mobo is shipped with both SMT inductors and toroids. The SMT ones are said to be of a much lower Q factor but I hadn't noticed any big differences between the two, so the differences may be more measured than perceived in most cases.

      There are SMT XTALS, some have to be oriented correctly, which is easily pointed out to the builder.

      SMT looks daunting before you've done one. It is no big deal and a big saver of time. The only added investment is a good fine tipped soldering iron, an eye loop or magnifying lamp and a decent pair of tweezers to securely grip parts as if they ping out of a cheap pair, they'll never again be seen unless it's your lucky day.
      73 ... Sid.

      On 05/12/11 07:15, Eric Söderman wrote:  


      I agree what others have said that surface mount components would be
      nice to be used as much as possible. If SMD inductors could be used
      and not costing too much and give ok performance that would be good
      also. But I see a problem that you want to supply kits where the
      builder can choose different bands to build for, than there would be a
      large waste (and cost) of components not used...

      Another idea that I had was if it would be possible to include sound
      card on board? I remember I read an article in Radcom a while ago
      about an IC that included more or less everything (just a crystal and
      a few capacitors needed if I remember correctly). Maybe this IC (that
      I don´t remember the name of) is not suitable for SDR (unknown if
      stereo or what sample rate). Anyway, maybe there are other options

      It would be really cool with only USB connection and antenna
      connection. But maybe it would even be possible to make this optional
      and route the audio connectors too for those that want to use other
      sound card.

      Just an idea from Eric SA5BKE

      On Fri, Dec 2, 2011 at 2:06 PM, Tony Parks <kb9yig@...> wrote:

      > Several have recently expressed an interest in the original SoftRock-40 design that plugged into a PC USB socket to take DC power form the USB port.
      > Basically it would be the Lite II circuit, less the 5 volt regulator circuit. A USB-A plug would be on one end of the narrow board and the antenna and stereo audio connections would be on the other end of the board.
      > Would there be an interest in an updated version of that kit? If there is enough interest, I will give it a try.

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