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FW: [softrock40] v6.0 SoftRock now playing on 15m

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  • Joe (K9HDE)
    Tony wrote:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 27 6:15 PM
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      Tony wrote:
      <Initial indications are a 15m v6.0 SoftRock might work just fine. An
      increase in noise is note with the antenna is attached to the SoftRock
      and a few CW signals were heard on the band.

      Like the 20m SoftRock built yesterday, this unit is headed to Bill,
      KD5TFD, for some independent performance evaluation.

      Bill and Tony,

      If you get a chance, could you also measure the signal levels associated
      with 40M input on the 15M SRv6 are required to create a response above the
      noise floor.

      While you at it could you also report on required signal levels for whatever
      the divide by 4 frequency is on the 20M SRv6 LO.

      On the original SR40 with a 40 MHz LO and the original BP front end filter,
      I experienced the reception of 10.005 MHz CHU concurrently with 10 MHz WWVH.

      Presumably this was CHU on 3.335 MHz. This occurred past local midnight
      with the MUF being low enough to hear WWVH but not WWV from the Chicagoland

      I'm not sure that my experience was "sub-harmonic sampling", but it
      obviously indicated that some if not all SRvx have possible problems with
      out of band strong signals.

      Joe, K9HDE

      PS [OT] While listening to WWVH and in WWV's absence, I was surprised to
      hear BPM, China's standard time and frequency station, during WWVH's 'quiet
      periods' of 0, 8 to 10, 14 to 19, 29 to 30 minutes of each hour.
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