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LAST Call for Papers: 15th Annual SVHFS Conference Huntsville, AL

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  • Robin Midgett
    Last call for the 2011 SVHFS Conference Papers. They are to be received by March 11th. Please send to N2CEI, Steve Kostro at SVHFS2011@downeastmicrowave.com.
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2011
      Last call for the 2011 SVHFS Conference Papers. They are to be received by March 11th. Please send to N2CEI, Steve Kostro at  SVHFS2011@.... We have one or two more presentation slots open so if you would like to make one,  (published paper not required! ) please contact Steve. So far we have some great material to be published and some informative presentation to be made but there is always room for more! Join in the fun, jot something down for the proceedings and put a simple 5-10 min. presentation together for us to see!
      Deadline for hotel reservations is March 29, at last report there were only a few rooms left in our block and there are a number of other functions scheduled for Huntsville during conference weekend.  Don't get caught without a room.  A link for hotel reservations can be found on the conference page at www.svhfs.org. The registration form will be posted on the same page soon.
      The Southeastern VHF Society is calling for the submission of papers and presentations for the upcoming 15th annual Southeastern VHF Society Conference to be held in Huntsville, Alabama on April 29th and 30th, 2011. Papers and presentations are solicited on both the technical and operational aspects of VHF, UHF and Microwave weak signal amateur radio. Time slots for Presentations are limited but all papers will be considered.  Some suggested areas of interest are:
      RF Power Amplifiers
      RF Low Noise Pre Amplifiers
      Construction Projects
      Test Equipment And Station Accessories
      Station Design And Construction
      Propagation (Sporadic E, Meteor Scatter, Troposphere Ducting, etc.)
      Digital Modes (WSJT, etc.)
      Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
      Software Defined Radio (SDR)
      Amateur Satellites Amateur Television
      In general papers and presentations on non weak signal related topics such as FM repeaters and packet will not be accepted but exceptions may be made if the topic is related to weak signal.  For example, a paper or presentation on the use of APRS to track rovers during contests would be considered.
      The Technical committee this year is K4IDC, Robin Midgett and N2CEI, Steve Kostro. Contact Steve Kostro, SVHFS2011 AT  downeastmicrowave DOT com as soon as possible  if you wish to make a presentation. There is limited presentation time left in the schedule. Submissions for presentation at the conference should be in PowerPoint (.ppt) format, and delivered in person at the conference to Robin Midgett on either a USB memory stick or CDROM or posted for download on a web site of your choice. Notify or adress Robin with any other AVA questions at  K4IDC AT  Comcast DOT net.
      Papers may be submitted and  published without presentation. Deadline for the submission of papers  is March 11, 2011. All submissions for the proceedings should be in Microsoft Word (.doc). Pages are 8 and 1/2 by 11 inches with a 1 inch margin on the bottom and ¾ inch margin on the other three sides.  All text, drawings, photos, etc. should be black and white only (no color).
      For further information and updates about the conference please go to www.svhfs.org

      Thank you,
      Robin Midgett K4IDC
      2011 Conference Program Co-Chair, SVHFS

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