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PSDR-IF Problem

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  • g8voip
    Hi Jeremy, I have not seen or used the IF version of PowerSDR before, so cannot really help too much. As your Ensemble RX works with the other available SDR
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 27, 2011
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      Hi Jeremy,

      I have not seen or used the IF version of PowerSDR before, so cannot really help too much.

      As your Ensemble RX works with the other available SDR software, then that points to the PSDR-IF program.

      First question that springs to mind is does it actually support setting the Si570 frequency using the USB interface? The reason for asking is that as far as I am aware only the customised PSDR versions by Guido PE1NNZ (PSDR v1.90 sr40) and Christos SV1EIA (PSDR-IQ v1.12.20 and v1.19.3.15) provide this USB built in to the program itself.

      The Si570 / USB support is not a function provided in any of the original 'native' FlexRadio' versions of PSDR. In order to use the original Flex versions, it is necessary to use an additional DLL file, 'SDR1kUSB.dll'. A modified version of this dll file suitable for the SoftRock / Ensemble can be downloaded from Fred PE0FKO's website from the link in the 'Supported SDR Receivers' table:


      Put a copy of the DLL file in the folder the PSDR-IF program is run from.

      That might be a possible solution.

      73, Bob G8VOI

      --- In softrock40@yahoogroups.com, "Jeremy - N4JIK" <n4jik1@...> wrote:
      > First I would like to apologize for spamming this across several different
      > groups but I am about at my wits end with this problem. Here is the
      > situation, I have recently purchased a FT-950 and bought the additional
      > IF-2000 unit that provides a 10.55 mhz output for use with another device
      > such as an LP-Pan, SDR-IQ, or Softrock to provide a Panadapter for the
      > radio. Now for the IF device I am using a Softrock RX Ensemble II at 10.56
      > mhz - I have confirmed that both devices are producing at the appropriate
      > frequencies by ay of a separate receiver.
      > Now I have been able to "view" everything using several different pieces of
      > software including WinRad, SDR-Radio and PowerSDR (Non IF version) just fine
      > so I know that it will work. Now the two pieces of software that I know are
      > designed for this application are my problem sets. I have tried PowerSDR/IF
      > but have been unable to get the correct IF offset and then as an added bonus
      > it is NOT separating the incoming signal from the Line-In into the
      > appropriate SDR signal - I have two mirror images on both sides and very
      > little if any response on strong signals. Now the other is Spectravue - I
      > just gave up with this thing because it was far to complex for my simplistic
      > self and it seems like it is going to lead me into a lot of troubles when I
      > try adding in other software down the road such as N1MM for contesting which
      > is why I was leaning on PowerSDR/IF.
      > Up until this point the Softrock has been working great, I have even went
      > back and listened with it in regular "Non IF setup" mode and it worked like
      > a champ but I am just confused what I have been missing or what other
      > software may be out there to accomplish this one --- why isn't there an
      > SDR-Radio/IF? ;)
      > Any help or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciate with this one, please
      > email me back directly or preferably to Jeremy.dunman@... so that I
      > get them instantly so maybe someone can give me the answers that I have been
      > missing here. Thanks a million and hopefully we can get this thing working!
      > Jeremy
      > N4JIK
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