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Re: [softrock40] Re: 96 kHz cards?

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  • Pete Ferrand
    Hi Neil: With the Audigy SE Device Control just gives me an application error message, and I did reinstall it. Since it isn t documented by Creative that I
    Message 1 of 5 , May 30, 2006
      Hi Neil:

      With the Audigy SE Device Control just gives me an "application error" message, and I did reinstall it.

      Since it isn't documented by Creative that I can see, I don't see a logical next step here. Some comments on the web say to start Device Control with Creative MediaSource Go! but I don't have that on my system, I have Creative MediaSource. The Go! isn't downloadable either. Most of the web vendors are selling the oem pack and I have the retail pack, which may account for something. This is amazingly tedious, isn't it? :)


      >Hi Pete,
      >For my SB live 24 PCI I needed to use the Device Control software on
      >the supplied CD to get it into 96kHz mode, so it does the job for one
      >PCI card.
      >Good luck with getting the right setup.
      >Neil G4BRK
      >--- In softrock40@yahoogroups.com, "Peter Ferrand" <petef@...> wrote:
      >> KD5NWA writes:
      >> > Take a look at the Sound Blaster install directory, there are
      >> > some utilities there to switch the cards capable of 96KHz to
      >> > that sampling mode.
      >> Thanks for the note, I don't see anything remotely like that other than
      >> "Device Control" which only works for USB cards and produces an error
      >> message when I try to use it with the Audigy PCI card I have.
      >> I guess the other question is, if the Audigy and Extigy are supported
      >> cards in PowerSDR, where do I find the support?
      >> There is no problem using the Audigy at 96kHz with Adobe Audition or
      >> other similar programs...it just doesn't work at 96 with any of the SDR
      >> programs.
      >> -Pete
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