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Re: [softrock40] USBtoI2C

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  • Alan
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      Subject: [softrock40] USBtoI2C

      > Where do I find this driver?
      > "Also prior to PowerSDR installation you need of course to install the
      > USBtoI2C driver (libusb) from Fred.

      You can download the USB driver from Fred PE0FKO's firmware page in the
      section 'Installing the PC driver software'
      Once you have the USB driver installed and got the interface correctly
      recognised by the PC, the firmware default state is to support the v9.0 RX
      and switched BPF filter module, so no changes are necessary.
      If you need to make any changes or just want some more information about
      using the firmware, take a read of the 'Firmware Users Guide' and hopefully
      that should provide some guidance. You can download the user guide from Fred
      PE0FKO's website: http://home.ict.nl/~fredkrom/pe0fko/g8voi/
      One thing that has now changed and I am in the process of making an updated
      supplement for the user guide, instead of having to use Winrad to configure
      the firmware, there is now a new stand alone configuration program called
      'CFGSR' which you can download from:
      http://home.ict.nl/~fredkrom/pe0fko/CFGSR/ " G8VOI

      RX/TX with USB AVR:- CFGSR, see above, is required to configure the device
      to enable CW TX. ABPF is for RX only and must be disabled.
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