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Re: [softrock40] Windows 7 - RXTX 6.2 Unusual Event

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  • Bruce Tanner
    Thanks, Milt. I will check this out. I recall scanning HPs EULA and had concern about how much liberty they seem to give themselves with MY computer. I do
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      Thanks, Milt. I will check this out. I recall scanning HPs EULA and had concern about how much liberty they seem to give themselves with MY computer. I do think my problems relate to the installation of their software as it is the only major change I have made in some time and my SR with PSDR-IQ was working fabulously.


      On 3/12/2010 6:23 PM, Milt Cram wrote:

      On 3/12/2010 5:09 PM, Bruce Tanner wrote:

      Well, things are working well enough to have just had a QSO on CW with a fellow near Cleveland, OH with a 559 report coming back. Some think is strange with Windows, however. My printer started up, unbidden, a little while ago, spit out a page and stopped. I don't know what triggered it but I suspect there are some driver conflicts going on in the system.

      I have also become suspicious of the antenna system. We had some rain yesterday and I am wondering if the coax took on some moisture. I will have to check that out before I go further into possible issues with the computer and the Softrock.

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      On 3/12/2010 5:26 PM, k2bet1 wrote:

      I have a mystery on my hands. I seem to have suddenly lost about half of my power out put according to my watt meter and the Softrock is not tuning as usual. When I adjust my antenna tuner for max out put the oscillator appears to suddenly quit and does not easily want to resume its duties. With a slight adjustment to the controls it will come back into oscillation but I cannot get tune it through a couplet cycle without the Softrock shutting down. It kind of seems like I am getting RF or something into the computer. While using PSDR-IQ and pressing the key for tuning in CW all of the right side panel buttons will blank out but come back on after I stop keying. The 'imabic' setting for the keyer seems to run rampant with random patterns and when I disengage 'iambic' I get a 'twitter' sound (Not to be confused with the I-net communications mode)at the end of my key down event.

      In Rocky, I am able to tune better and use the keyer but it still will not tune to the usual full power output.

      The only thing different here is that I installed a new HP Scanner last night and all seemed to work OK before that. I have 'disabled' the scanner driver (I think), turned off the scanner and pulled the USB connection on it but with no better result.

      There was one point when I got a message at boot up which directed me to my BIOS, unrequested and suggested that something there might require attention but I did not see anything out of ordinary when I checked those settings.

      RX seems to work fine as usual. I have totally turned off all system and rebooted everything according to normal procedures.

      Not a clue at this point... anyone else have any?

      Bruce, K2BET
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      Hi Bruce,

      One thing you might want to check--see if hprblog.exe is shown in Task Manager.  I don't know if the scanner installs this or not.  However, I have helped out a neighbor, whose computer slowed drastically and traced it to hprblog.exe.  HP is installing this with their "imaging" devices.  In the neighbors case, it was an HP printer.  It hogs lots of CPU.  HP claims that it is for "customer support". 

      Also, stopping it in Task Manager, does not guarantee that you have stopped it.  It seems to launch itself again.  Google on hprblog.exe and you'll find information on how to disable it.

      73, Milt

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