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Re: [softrock40] SDR-Radio 1E problem

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  • Bruce Tanner
    Alan, I was going to submit a couple of new files but the task was foiled. I did take the tuner out of the line so I could get better signals. Both software
    Message 1 of 20 , Mar 10, 2010
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      Alan, I was going to submit a couple of new files but the task was foiled. I did take the tuner out of the line so I could get better signals. Both software programs then provided plenty of comfortable listening with signals well above the noise level. When I attempted to 'play' the file recorded from SDR Radio, for some reason, my Windows media squawked with an error that it could not play the file. I made another and the same thing occurred. What is really strange is that it had played the files from that program earlier with no problem. One of the new found mysteries of Windows 7, I guess.

      At any rate, and for what it is worth. I tuned my IC-756 Pro II in to WILX, noted the S-meter reading at +30 over S-9 on the 204 foot, G5RV. I then calibrated PSDR-IQ to that S-meter reading which also then gave an S-9 +30db. I then closed PSDR-IQ and loaded SDR Radio tuned to the same station and with the same antenna, no tuner in line. The S-meter on that program did not move above S-5. I really don't think that means much as Simon does not seem to have that calibrated yet anyway. I can change the functioning of the S-meter simply by changing the 'scope bandwidth' from one setting to another. In any of those settings I was hearing the WILX signal well above S-9 according to the proverbial, calibrated ear drum.

      Having said all that, I still cannot explain the differences in the status of the 'weak signals' provided while the tuner was in line. In both of those cases the system setup was identical. I do not know, however, if there were setting in SDR Radio which should have been made to optimize reception with that software. I also am not aware of features and tweaks which may be needed and have not yet been installed in the development of the software which Simon will yet come up with.

      Long story short... it is far too early to make such comparisons and I offer my apologies to both programmers for having done so at this time. Hopefully, it will be useful feedback some where along the line.


      Bruce, K2BET

      On 3/10/2010 2:19 PM, Alan wrote:

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      From: "Bruce Tanner"
      Subject: Re: [softrock40] SDR-Radio 1E problem

      > You will note that there is significant background noise on these sample
      > clips. The BC station is local and the noise is due to attenuated signal
      > because of a tuner in line. It is not able to actually tune below 160
      > meters. If I take the tuner out of the system that signal is 'full
      > quieting', to use a phrase from the FM modes!

      I find I can almost run the two together. V1E and PSDR 1.9.0 sr40. Starting
      them in standby on the same cards enables a check to be made by switching
      one off and one on.

      On a weak AM signals around 9.8MHz I find it difficult to decide which is

      I wonder if your test is valid? Please check again, this could be important
      for Simon.

      73 Alan G4ZFQ

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