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Re: Softrock Availability

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  • windigofer
    ... Indeed--there s the usual places like 4pcb.com, and at least for small proto boards BatchPCB.com is actually quite reasonable in my own experience. (I can
    Message 1 of 15 , Feb 14, 2010
      --- In softrock40@yahoogroups.com, "George C" <george@...> wrote:
      > Actually, just getting the gerber files for boards could be a good thing, many places can make boards from that.

      Indeed--there's the usual places like 4pcb.com, and at least for small proto boards BatchPCB.com is actually quite reasonable in my own experience. (I can understand if he's not willing to do so or doesn't have the TIME to do so, though.)

      > But I sure understand that no good deed goes un-punished, being the one publishing a state-wide group newsletter.

      Alas, alas...isn't that the truth. (Been there myself with other things, believe me.)

      > If I can gather some free time I'd do up a board design, but running short on spare time.
      > Then there's the matter of programming the freq source. That is new territiry to me, with learning curve, etc.

      As long as there's a pre-existing hex file or assembler file available, it's not *all* that horrible (at least for PIC, and per folks I know who mess with Arduinos it's not too bad for Atmel either). It's pretty much a matter of loading the chip and flashing it, kind of like burning to a floppy or CD.

      (Then again, I've also not personally tweaked assembly code--something I'd like to learn, but haven't had much change to get into the guts of--and I've also had a fair amount of experience in flashing ICs. Especially with the sort of programmable ICs used in most hobby stuff, though, it's honestly not bad at all...it's not like hot-swapping CMOS chips in a PC that someone misflashed so that you can reflash them. :D)

      > Its a good thing Tony does, and I'll bet that the demand has surprised him.

      Heh, I bet. :D Then again, that's how it goes with good things.

      It also doesn't hurt that the kit did get some promotion in the ARRL 2010 Handbook this year...

      Right now, I'm impatiently waiting for another round of Softrock RXTX V6.3s to become available as my next project (along with my other QRP kitting projects). As it is, I'm presently in "waiting for the next batch" mode with some of my other pending projects that are in Backorder Heck, so I'm pretty much familiar with this...I just have to remind myself that good small-batch kits are like good small-batch bourbon, they take a while to be ready but they're worth it. ;3

      Of course, this is also a nice chance to get into proper SMT soldering practice for not too much money, too. :D (That's what *I've* been traditionally nervous about. Getting over that, though. :D)

      > George C
      > W2DB
      > Austin, TX

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