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  • Jose Bonanca
    no ut I know who will .. will pass that on 2009/11/3 kc0mjpcolo ... -- Jose (Ct1aos)
    Message 1 of 6 , Nov 3, 2009
      no ut I know who will ..
      will pass that on

      2009/11/3 kc0mjpcolo <kc0mjp@...>

      will you trade a built v9.0 w/ elect. switched bpf . the kit is much too small parts w/o kit builders help plus addl. cost incurred . i dont have internet at home so yes or no on my answering machine and a adress to mail it to 719-634-5223 my adress is mark hiles 3100 wood ave. lot e-7 colorado springs colorado 80907 kc0mjp thanks

      --- In softrock40@yahoogroups.com, "Preston" <pdouglas12@...> wrote:
      > I have a completed, properly built Softrock Lite II for 40M that I would like to give to a ham who needs one. I am halfway through my build of an RXTX 6.3, and have the receiver working right now (WSPRing on 40M, receive, as a matter of fact.) So, the 40 Lite receiver is surplus to my needs. I have stripped off the connectors, so you'll need to put on audio, power, and antenna, but it's working very well. I prefer a ham who for physical reasons can not build one for him/herself. I got this board from Tony as a sample, and so want to send it on to the next guy.
      > Please give me a short note, and I'll pick somebody. Don't worry about postage, as this thing will fit in an envelope easily.
      > Anybody?
      > Preston WJ2V

      Jose (Ct1aos)
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