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Re: PE0FKO firmware v15.12 verses v15.11

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  • g8voip
    Hi there, As far as using a relay goes, I suspect it might have some adverse effect, not tried it yet, but it really does not matter as far as the correction
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 1, 2009
      Hi there,

      As far as using a relay goes, I suspect it might have some adverse effect, not tried it yet, but it really does not matter as far as the correction goes. In Rocky each centre frequency you defined saves it's own I/Q correction curves, so it would be corrected for automatically.

      You could of course just swap the I/Q signals over in the program set-up, a much simpler solution, but a pain if you frequently swap between two converters, i.e 6m & 2m.

      What I am planning to do is experiment with a set-up aimed as a VHF Sporadic E monitoring system, using three v9.0 RX boards for a 50, 70 and 144MHz converters, but only one RX populated with the USB interface and Si570 LO, which would be distrbuted to the other two boards.

      I would then decode the existing BPF filter control lines and drive relays to route the I/Q outputs from the selected RX for each band (converter) to the PC.

      The current plan is to have each converter fed from it's own halo antenna for omni coverage. In theory, using either Winrad or PSDR, simply changing the VFO or in PSDR clicking on the appropriate transverter band, all will be done automatically for me and I can quickly QSY between bands.

      Quite when I will actually find the time to do this however is a different matter!

      73, Bob G8VOI

      --- In softrock40@yahoogroups.com, "Marciniak, Ed" <emarciniak@...> wrote:
      > Does swapping I/Q with a relay upset the adaptive phase/amplitude balance in Rocky?
      > If so, is it feasible to modify rocky to swap usb/lsb, etc and reverse the tuning to accomplish same thing?
      > What about using the controller to store configuration flags for some things and store less on software? Dll could read out settings for software that is updated to include calls to read configuration....
      > In an ideal world it would be nice to plug a receiver into another computer and have configuration be automatic.
      > In theory if you had autorun files on a flash drive and config stored in controller, you could just plug into a laptop or whatever and make a config quite portable.
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      > Sent: Thu Oct 01 12:30:28 2009
      > Subject: [softrock40] PE0FKO firmware v15.12 verses v15.11
      > Hi all,
      > I think it is worth pointing out that for the majority of v9.0 RX users, upgrading from v15.11 to v15.12 will have no benefit.
      > To expand on that, if you are only using the switched BPF module or plan to use just one of the VHF converters, there is no benefit to be gained, so no need to rush out and change as soon as possible.
      > The new features in v15.12 will benefit those using the switched BPF module built to the 'option 2' version, i.e. with the 6m filter in the band 1 position, or to those who want to experiment a little more.
      > I have found it very useful to set one filter band for use with the 6m and 4m converters (1.333 x LO multiplier), and another for the 2m converter (0.8 x LO). That way I can swap between plug in converters and not bother having to change the firmware settings as they are applied according to the VFO / LO frequency demanded. The only downside is having to swap the I/Q signals over between the two converters.
      > There is a simple solution to that, use the BPF control lines to drive a relay to do the switching automatically. The 2m converter and all HF bands use the same I/Q configuration. This only needs swapping for the 6 and 4m versions of the converter.
      > I have also used the serial number facility to run both a v9.0 RX with Winrad and SDR-kits USB synth using CFGSR at the same time.
      > I am attempting to find the time to produce a supplement to go with my Firmware User Guide to cover the new features in v15.12 and use of the CFGSR configuration / controller program, but it might take a week or two to complete.
      > 73, Bob G8VOI
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