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RE: [softrock40] Re: SoundBlaster Live 24 Bit card for sale

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  • Roger Shultz
    Hi Bob, I guess I downplayed the capabilities but my recollection is that it worked pretty much as you describe. I don t know if I used anything beyond 12.06
    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 30, 2009

      Hi Bob,


      I guess I downplayed the capabilities but my recollection is that it worked pretty much as you describe. I don’t know if I used anything beyond 12.06 or not as I haven’t had the V9 RX operating for most of the summer. I acquired the Lite II for an IF for my Kenwood TS-940 and have been using that with PSDR-IF V19.1 though my P4 PC strains to process that version at times. I really don’t want to “upgrade” computers, so I live with it.


      73, Roger, NJ2R


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      Hi Roger,

      Interested in your comment regarding the difference in bandwidth between the SoundBlaster Live 24 and Delta 44 cards.

      I have the same two cards here and both happily run at 96kHz sampling, just in the SoundBlaster' s case you have to access the soundcard configuration console set-up to change the default setting from 48kHz to 96kHz to enable operation at the higher rate.

      The Live 24 card I have is a standard PCI card size, and I also found with later 'universal' versions of the drivers it gets reported as an Audigy.

      Works very well as long as you remember to delay the right channel by one sample.

      That unfortunatley excludes using any of the official Flexradio versions of PSDR, which really does not matter as Christos SV1EIA's PSDR-IQ is better suited for SoftRock use.

      73, Bob G8VOI

      --- In softrock40@yahoogro ups.com, "Roger" <nj2r@...> wrote:

      > I have for sale the SB0410 sound card which got me started when I first
      bought and built my V9.0 SoftRock kit. It is the Dell OEM version I believe.
      > I had a hard time finding drivers for this but ultimately used a set for
      an Audigy sound card which seem to be identical since all functions worked just fine. I will include a CD with the card with the Zipped and extracted installation files for XP.
      > I first used this with Rocky, WinRad and also PSDR but I moved on to a
      Delta 44 card. Honestly, other than the bandwidth of the card, I hardly noticed a difference.
      > Price to US addresses is $15 which will include postage. Please reply
      directly to nj2r@... if interested.
      > Thanks for the bandwidth.
      > 73, Roger, NJ2R

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