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Network power line adapters

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  • Ray
    1b. Re: networking power line adapters Posted by: Alan alan4alan@googlemail.com alanzfq Date: Fri May 1, 2009 11:27 am ((PDT))   ... From: Lawrence Galea
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      1b. Re: networking power line adapters

      Posted by: "Alan" alan4alan@... alanzfq

      Date: Fri May 1, 2009 11:27 am ((PDT))


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      From: "Lawrence Galea"

      Subject: [softrock40] networking power line adapters



      >I've just found this on the RSGB news website re home networking power line

      >adapters and the interference

      they cause. A pressure group UKQRM has been set up and they have a petition


      line at


      Thanks Lawrence,

      The most important thing for any British station, Amateur or SWL, is to make

      their complaint known to Ofcom.

      Below, a copy from a UK amateur on the subject

      73 Alan G4ZFQ

      The Ofcom telephone helpline doesnt always acheive any result,

      the paperwork seems to get "lost" in the system.

      Better to use the online complaint form.

      The additional information section allows quite a lot of

      information to be added so our PLT complaints can be

      accomodated OK.

      The online complaint results in a telephone reply the

      same or next working day by someone who will have

      dealt with quite a number of similar complaints.

      Best to have a recording made just in case the QRM

      should go off just before Ofcom investigator visits!

      Have had 4 PLTs removed,one replaced by WiFi the

      others by direct wiring which gives a superior connection

      as well as saving power,about 5 watts per PLT unit.

      A fifth unit went out of use by itself,reason unknown.

      73 Paul G0HNW


      Reply from N0FY

      My friends and fellow hams - this issue has been on the ARRL agenda for several years now and unfortunately still is.  The ARRL has had a special fund to fight the BPL (Broadband over the POWER LINES.  It seems that no one really cares about this issue and I can tell you first hand that it will limit your communications ability.

      In the US it seems that that big business can turn the FCC any way it wants.  The only only hope is that we as group support this effort and the ARRL (legal fees are high).

      My greatest fear is that amateur community will wake up in a few years when the prop cycles improves and all we can we hear is S9 BPL signals.  I am saddened in the knowleadge that very few hams state-side even seem to know that BPL is around.

      Also sorry to hear that this issue has grown in scope to the UK and other countries. 

      My personal opinion is that the internet is trash and does more harm than good in our societies.  I have used the Internet for many years and have seen a steady deteriations of ethics and a take-over by business.  It is impossible to to do a search these days without hitting business advertising.

      Sorry if this offends anyone but you don't have to try hard to find decadence and harmful information on the internet. 

      73, Ray, N0FY















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      1c. Re: networking power line adapters

      Posted by: "Lawrence Galea" galea_lawrence@... galea_lawrence

      Date: Fri May 1, 2009 11:37 pm ((PDT))



      I read it on the RSGB news and it is important that everyone responds to put pressure on the authorities, other wise they will not take any action.

      A couple of years ago we saved the 10GHz band in Malta from interference because they were going to allocate TV studio - TX site and OB units to Studio links on it, but we got together and they allocated them above 10.5GHz.

      In the case of Malta it was the 10GHz band, but in the case of the network power line adapters the interference will cause disruption of communications on all the HF bands and beyond. So it is very important for every G station to go and to the website and complain to OFCOM.

      Thanks & regards,


      9H1AV, 9H9MHR

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