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Re: [softrock40] Re: USB Setting ERROR

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  • R R Robson
    Mike: Sorry if I added to the confusion. My logic was in response to your earlier comment that you could not get Rocky to see your on-board soundcard: The
    Message 1 of 16 , Mar 18, 2009
      Sorry if I added to the confusion. 
      My logic was in response to your earlier comment that you could not get Rocky to "see" your on-board soundcard:
      "The installation of the driver went well. I then (per Robby's
      instructions again) loaded and ran Rocky 3.6. I was UNABLE to
      select the sound card (VIEW/SETTINGS/ AUDIO/I/Q INPUT DEVICE)
      to satisfy what his documentation asked for; In my case, I have
      the EMU-1212 sound card installed; I have only
      "01 E-DSP SAVE [EE00]" as the single selectable item."
      That sort of response in Rocky is usually - in Vista - due to Rocky's unfamiliarity with Vista's new approach to the soundcard API.
      TX ES 73
      DE Robby WB5RVZ
      NAQCC #2646


      From: Mike
      Sent: Tuesday, March 17, 2009 9:03 PM
      Subject: [softrock40] Re: USB Setting ERROR

      --- In softrock40@yahoogro ups.com, "R R Robson" <rrrobson@.. .> wrote:

      > It almost sounds like
      you are using Vista with an on-board sound card. For reasons known mostly to Rocky's creator and Biill Gates, when Rocky is run under Vista, it can only recognize external soundcards on the USB bus. I believe it has to do with Vista's having changed the API which recognizes on-board soundcards.

      Hi, Robby!!!
      I am unable to follow your logic, as my skills are just not that
      great. -But the ideal sounds good to me! But, I do have an ace
      that I might be able to play, by loading the PowerSDR_sr40
      application onto a second hard drive, which now has Windows 7 on it!

      > I do not
      know if a fix is on the way or not. In order to RXTX
      with Rocky on my Vista machine in the shack, I have to use two
      USB soundcards: 1 soundcard (the SB Live 24 which provides my RX
      and TX IQ lines ( RX on the line in and tx on the line/speakers
      out) and 1 soundcard of lesser quality whose sole function is to
      make the demodulated audio audible!

      I do have a USB-based sound card on hand, so I could duplicate your
      plan to some degree. But, the issue is not (again) dealing with the
      audio path in/out of the computer; The problem is that the PowerSDR
      sr40 application has hickuped as a resut of me selecting the USB-I2C
      device. From that point on (after I shut the application down), I
      have been unable to make PowerSDR_sr40 load or run. (I am getting
      the DLL-load failure collection of excuses, as I had described earlier.
      Thanks, Robby! 73! -Mike- K0JTA

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