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Re: CW keyer settings

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  • alexle188
    Hi Adam, ... http://sourceforge.net/projects/powersdr-sr40 ... When you use the DB-9 COM port connector for the paddles, you don t connect any of the paddle
    Message 1 of 7 , Feb 1, 2009
      Hi Adam,

      See below:

      > way I'll try to find your version of the program. I can't find Guido
      > version.Could you send me this file or show me right link?


      > And one more question. In the SoftRock we got dit,dah,common as a
      > special lines for the key.In the UBW emulator this lines are described
      > as paddle_dit, paddle_dot and active low (means active after
      > connection to the ground)
      > Now I use two connectors.One DB-9 for PowerSDR COM port and second for
      > KEY but I can't connect common line to the ground. I hope some day

      When you use the DB-9 COM port connector for the paddles, you don't
      connect any of the paddle lines to ground - they connect to the DB-9
      connector only. So you use this connector and configuration for PowerSDR.

      When you are using Rocky, use CAN use the same DB-9 COM port connector
      if you want.

      But it is BETTER to use the USB (as the single USB connection gives
      you Si570 freq control, PTT, Band Switch, and Paddles). Now you have
      to remove the DB-9 connection from your paddles (or you use another
      set of paddles), and connect the paddles dit and dah to the UBW pins,
      and the common to Ground.

      So these are two DIFFERENT paddle connection methods. You can use
      either one or two but not both UNLESS you have two sets of paddles!!!
      This is precisely because in the DB-9 COM port configuration, the
      "common" is at about -12V of the RS232C COM port. In the USB UBW
      situation, the "common" is Ground. So the two do not mix :-)

      Yes, all these can be very very confusing for first timers. One day
      when you have figured all these out, it will be YOUR TURN to guide new
      users, HiHi !!!


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