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Si570 shipments

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  • kb9yig
    Good Morning All, Seventy-five CMOS Si570 devices were mailed today
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 6, 2008
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      Good Morning All,

      Seventy-five CMOS Si570 devices were mailed today< December 6, and
      another 25 will be mailed on Monday, December 8. This group of Si570
      devices cover kit orders received by me on or before October 28. The
      next group of 100 Si570 devices should get to me by mid-December and
      will cover kit orders through the end of November. December kit orders
      will be covered by the 100 pieces of Si570 due in the first week of

      A new order of v9.0 Lite+USB Xtall circuit boards and BPF circuit board
      were shipped on December 5 and should get to me by the end of the day
      on December 9. Additional v9.0 Lite+USB Xtall kits and v6.3 RXTX+Xtall
      kits should be mailed to kit buyers on December 10 and beyond.

      I will try to get additional HF BPF kits mailed early next week to
      people who ordered HF BPF beta kits. These kits will have what will be
      the production board except I will saw the boards out of prototype
      panels. A production quantity of the boards will go on order after
      some initial tests with the new board configuration.

      Thanks and 73,
      Tony KB9YIG
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