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Re: [softrock40] Best soundcard to use

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  • Alan
    ... From: chopc2001 Subject: [softrock40] Best soundcard to use ... Yes, I agree. The only thing is that there is a great difference between different sound
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 1, 2008
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      From: "chopc2001"
      Subject: [softrock40] Best soundcard to use
      > So , for someone that's just getting into the Softrock scene I'd say
      > use what you have for a soundcard ( As long as it's stereo input) and
      > spend the extra money on a 570 controller

      Yes, I agree.

      The only thing is that there is a great difference between different sound
      Some will be quite good, others only just adequate, with high noise and
      So once a beginner has got going he may see these imperfections and then
      The ones most often mentioned seem to be the Creative SB24 PCI and USB for
      cheap, reasonable quality and the Delta 44 as one of the better performers.
      (Well actually a D44 is two of the better performers as it has 4 in/outs!)

      Usually those that reccommend 192KHz cards are thinking of CW Skimmer, or
      the like, to monitor a whole section.

      73 Alan G4ZFQ

      > There have been many messages with regard to the "best" soundcard to
      > use and many recommendations , However I feel I'm missing something ,
      > or at least that the replies are biased towards the original crystal
      > controlled version of Softrock .
      > When I see people being advised to spend mega bucks on soundcards I
      > wonder why they don't spend the money on a more flexible oscillator
      > setup ? I can see that if one wants to use the Softrock as a
      > "Panadapter" type spectrum viewer, a wide response sound card is the
      > best , However, for general use I feel that the money spent on a super
      > sound card might be better spent on an Si570 and controller , My 20M
      > Softrock runs with a homebrew "Kees and John" type controller and the
      > built in PC soundcard , Results are excellent ! ( I even use it down
      > to 80M !)
      > Art VK2AEC
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