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Re: getting confused

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  • wb7dmx
    ... anything ... the ... freqs. ... find ... want ... might ... security ... math ... zip ... directory. ... thank you. yes I think I discovered that when I
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 4, 2008
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      --- In softrock40@yahoogroups.com, "dick_faust" <dick_faust@...>
      > Bob,
      > Tony sends the PICs out preprogrammed. You do not need to do
      > to accomplish the first step except power up the Xtall board with
      > PIC in it. You ONLY need the HEX file for a programmer to change
      > See the notes in the Xtall folders [in the file area] on where to
      > the start up values for your Si570. These are only needed if you
      > to have more precision in your frequency settings.
      > If you wish to change the frequencies there are several ways to
      > accomplish this. You can use utilities from Silicon Labs, but you
      > like a program that I recently finished called Xtall-Calc2-VBA.xls
      > which is in the files section under:
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/softrock40/files/K9IVB-Si570/
      > This program uses Macros [in VBA] and requires lowering the
      > level in Excel so you can run the Macros. It also does complex
      > and requires the Math Add-ins as well. More info on this in the
      > file in the same directory and in file comments in the same
      > Good luck.
      > 73, Dick K9IVB

      thank you.
      yes I think I discovered that when I put the pic in my programmer and
      read it, I seen that it had something in there so I put the pic on
      the board and continued on.
      it passed all the test, and the board is now finished, doing the
      bandpass boards tomarrow.

      this stuff is all new to me and I got a lot to learn

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