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Re: [softrock40] XTALL Software 2.4 2.5b

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  • Tom Hoflich
    Alan, Thanks for your always valuable input. Each version gets a little better as I learn more about using C. In 2.4 and before, I stored the Si570 registers
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 30, 2008
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      Thanks for your always valuable input.


      Each version gets a little better as I learn more about using C.

      In 2.4 and before, I stored the Si570 registers at location 0. This caused me to have to do some dumb stuff to handle the start at 0 or 1 which has always been a confusion for me.

      That is probably why Bank 0, F0 is not adjusted.  I will fix that.


      I used Tony's suggestion to repeat the highest frequency in each bank to prevent out of band operation. This is not a big deal on a receiver, but  hopefully this will be used on the RXTX and it will be important.


      I compare the registers read with the register value used to calculate the eeprom values. I then replace the eeprom values with the adjusted value and set a flag so that this done only the first time.  So to start over, you have to reprogram the chip.


      If you edit the data in the eeprom, this adjustment will not happen again unless you reset the flag.  You can use the value in hi eeprom to calculate your unique frequencies.


      I was talking to Cecil at Ozarkcon this weekend and he also suggested the push button idea for the 2.5 version.  Tony has left holes for header pins or whatever if some wants to do something other than the dip switches.


      I do need to get to work on the other software versions and the spreadsheets with the frequencies.

      The last day or so, I have been shipping out the latest shipment of Si570s.


      I hope that I responded to all of your points.

      Thanks and 73

      Tom KM5H



      --- On Wed, 4/30/08, Alan <g4zfq@...> wrote:

      From: Alan <g4zfq@...>
      Subject: [softrock40] XTALL Software 2.4 2.5b
      To: softrock40@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Wednesday, April 30, 2008, 1:42 PM

      I have been playing with Tom's XTALL software as filed in Tony's XTALL
      daughter board section.

      Version 2.4 is like V2.1. The register data is a bit different. To edit the
      registers in Winpic it would help to make a screenshot, print it out and
      mark each group of six hex numbers (and the associated banks for V2.5.)

      Version 2.5b works well. All but one adjustment is within 30Hz of an even
      frequency. With my Si570 Bank 0/0 is 3.518533MHz. I see this is not
      adjusted. Bank4/4 is 7.26MHz, 4/5 is 7.28MHz, Banks 4/6 and 4/7 are also
      7.28MHz but I realise this is intentional as amateur bands are covered up to
      I am wondering how this can be edited to personalise the frequency
      selection? Once the PIC has been run do we replace the data with that
      calculated for the actual Si570 in use? The program reads the chip and puts
      its startup registers at the very end of the data.

      I presume the a,c, and d versions will be posted sometime.

      I am using a binary switch to set the memories and a push button for the
      high order switch. This makes it a little easier to set banks and change
      frequency although I think most would need a chart to know where they are!

      Many thanks, well done Tom and Tony, if we don't get any free Si570s Si Labs
      should give YOU some!

      73 Alan G4ZFQ

      (I asked them for a couple of high frequency ones before Tom said how much
      they were!)

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