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  • windy10605@juno.com
    That s exactly how I m looking at it. For the normal tube superhets I m used to, I d be looking for the most narrow, lowest noise, highest Q frontend I could
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 29, 2005
      That's exactly how I'm looking at it. For the normal tube superhets I'm used to, I'd be looking for the most narrow, lowest noise, highest "Q" frontend I could get my hands on    ...and it would probably be manually tuneable. For this SDR "direct conversion" stuff, with "fixed" (although
      pluggable) BPFs, I want to try some additional things and see what the "down side" is. I already have a pluggable BPF on my SR-40 and plenty of red cores. If it does not work, I'll go back to single band filters but I'm amazed just how well the existing 6.5-12Mhz BPF works, that's pretty broad.
      The biggest problem is getting rid of all the "spurs" off the DDS card.
      73 Kees K5BCQ
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      The QSD detector doesn't stop detecting at other frequencies besides
      the Quadrature clock, it can receive at multiples and sub-multiples
      it's up to the filter to keep them out. So if it's too broad you will
      pick up all sorts of goodies that aren't where you think they are.

      On the other hand it won't explode or anything nasty, if it doesn't
      work out you can always undo it.

      At 07:03 PM 11/29/2005, you wrote:
      >With the SoftRock performance I see here using the "pretty broad"
      >stock 6.5Mhz - 12Mhz Bandpass filter on the SR-40, I wonder how an
      >even broader BPF filter would do ...say 3Mhz - 16Mhz, or 1.8 - 30
      >Mhz for that matter ?? The most serious signals in this area are the
      >local AM and FM stations. I think I'll build one and
      >73 Kees K5BCQ
      >softrock40" on the
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