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Re: SoftRock Kit Status, September 26

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  • Fraser
    ... Waters ... band ... Hi Nigel, I may be able to assist on this question as I have just purchased two Softrock RX s from Tony for delivery to the UK. There
    Message 1 of 12 , Oct 7, 2007
      --- In softrock40@yahoogroups.com, "g7bvs" <g7bvs@...> wrote:
      > Hi Tony,
      > I recently built a SoftRock Lite (40m) which I purchased from
      > & Stanton here in the UK. Never having built anything using surface
      > mounted components I had wondered if I would get it working but I'm
      > pleased to say it did first time I plugged it into my PC.
      > I have an eMachines E4024 and I'm using the onboard sound card. Not
      > the best in the world but it seems to be OK at 48kHZ but won't work
      > at 96kHZ.
      > As this has fired my enthusiasm in Ham Radio after many years of
      > neglect I would like to try building another one on a different
      > or even using it as the IF for a receiver working on 6m.
      > I see that you had a number available but I couldn't find out how
      > much they were, how to order one (or two) and how to pay.
      > Sorry if you've posted these details before.
      > 73
      > Nigel G7BVS (Gloucester)

      Hi Nigel,

      I may be able to assist on this question as I have just purchased two
      Softrock RX's from Tony for delivery to the UK.

      There is a web page dedicated to the softrock kits that details what
      is available and at what cost. Look at the following url:


      The page lists the usual 160m, 80,, 40m versions etc but I did not
      see much about the IF freq versions. I understand that Tony can
      supply several different IF freq versions but you will need to ask
      him via email for any specific freq your desire. I know that he does
      10.7 MHz. Standard Softrock RX Ham band kits cost $11 including
      shipping to UK. and are a bargain in my opinion :-) IF freq versions
      cost $13 including shipping.

      Payment is via a paypal payment to Tony's PayPal account which is
      detailed on the ordering pages. Just use the "send money" option in
      PayPay and enter Tony's email address. Then enter your Softrock
      requirements in the PayPal message box.

      Tony had my kits with me within a week....what a guy !

      I am most grateful to Tony and all those responsible for the Softrock
      project for making such a superb and reasonably priced kit available
      to the greater Amateur radio/SWL community.

      I have also purchased a Soft66DB2 kit from Japan for $20 delivered.
      Another nice SDR produced by a great guy. Look at:


      He also produces the DDS-33 direct digital sythesiser at only $30


      Hope this helps

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