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Re: [QRP-L] SoftRock-40 - cat steals coil

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  • Robert McGwier
    Have you ever read the best seller:
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 28, 2005
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      Have you ever read the best seller:


      Just kidding. I love my own cat but (thank goodness) she hates my work


      Leon Heller wrote:

      > I wound the coil this morning, left it on my desk, and then went out,
      > meaning to solder it in place when I got back. When I returned it had
      > disappeared. Babbage, my Burmese cat, had obviously come across it
      > and, as he usually does with small objects he hasn't seen before, had
      > been playing with it and left it somewhere. I spent several minutes
      > searching for it (the carpets are red, which doesn't help) and had
      > just resigned myself to winding another one (I've got a good selection
      > of cores) when I thought I'd check the stairs and found it about
      > half-way down. 8-)
      > 73, Leon
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