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Re: [softrock40] New to SDR and the RXTXv6.2 kits - HELP!

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  • Tony Parks
    Hi Roderick, I will insert a few comments below. Thanks for your kit order of two RXTXv6.2 kits. 73, Tony KB9YIG ... From: Roderick Wall To:
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 1, 2007
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      Hi Roderick,
      I will insert a few comments below.
      Thanks for your kit order of two RXTXv6.2 kits.
      Tony KB9YIG
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      Sent: Friday, June 01, 2007 10:44 PM
      Subject: [softrock40] New to SDR and the RXTXv6.2 kits - HELP!

      Hi all,
      I have sent the following email to the group but for some reason it didn't get there, I hope this get there..
      I am new to this group and to SDR. I have ordered two kits, one is a RXTXv6.2 80 Meter kit, and the other is the RXTXv6.2 40M/30M kit.
      I hope someone is able to help me with the following questions:
      I note that on one of the  photo of the SDR RXTXv6.2 kit, is what looks like an RS232 interface connected to the PTT connection. I take it that the PowerSDR software can switch between the receive and transmit mode using the RS232 interface, is this correct?
      This is the Rocky 3.x serial interface, a $4 kit for the board, D connector and parts on the board.  It should work with PowerSDR but I have not heard of anyone using it with PowerSDR.
      And where can I get the circuit and if possible a kit or PCB for the above interface?
      And what versions of the PowerSDR software will drive the RXTXv6.2 kits, will all versions work?
      Only special versions that have been modified for use with the RXTX kit.
      The old RXTXv6.1 Transceiver kit covers the 80 Meter and 40 Meter bands by changing the divide frequency between divide by 4 or divide by 8. The new RXTXv6.2 kit looks like they will only cover one band or two bands if they are close like the 40m and 30m bands, was there a problem with the RXTXv6.1 covering two bands, was the RF power output the same for both bands?
      The 40m/80m RXTXv6.1 required an external LPF for 80m operation. 
      I also note that the RXTXv6.2 80 meter has 14Mhz crystals where the RXTXv6.1 used 28Mhz crystals, was this changed to 14Mhz crystals, to reduce the electromagnetic noise produced when dividing by 8?
      No, the 14.xx MHz crystals were of the proper frequency to give 80m band coverage with a division of 4.
      Can the RXTXv6.2 40m/30m kit be changed to cover both the 80m and 40m bands, by dividing by 8 instead of dividing by 4 for the 40m band?
      The BPFs, both RX and TX would need to be changed.
      Any suggestions as to a good homebuilt or kit for a linear amplifier that can be added to increase the output RF power?
      Thanks in advance,
      Roderick Wall, VK3BKO.

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