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Re: ICR-100 10.7MHz IF TAP Mod.

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  • Len Warner
    ... No it b***dy isn t! ... and take heed of the not stored Nor _should_ it be: read Bill s post carefully; ... He asked for a _link_, not a _copy_!
    Message 1 of 9 , May 2, 2007
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      At 09:20 07/05/02, [softrock40] Digest Number 1723 wrote:
      > Posted by: "Kees & Sandy" windy10605@... keestheham
      > Date: Tue May 1, 2007 7:54 am ((PDT))
      >73 Kees K5BCQ

      No it b***dy isn't!

      See message #10942:

      >Attachment(not stored)

      and take heed of the "not stored"

      Nor _should_ it be: read Bill's post carefully;

      >-- Bill Dumke <billd@...> wrote:
      >Can you send me a link to the errata sheet ? I couldn't find it.
      >Thanks, Bill wa9pwr

      He asked for a _link_, not a _copy_!

      Elecraft publish their manuals at

      If you would prefer a tabulated contents list, see
      the Elecraft Document Download Page,
      AKA "Document and Software Download Page".

      Instead, you have sent everyone on individual email
      a copy of something Bill didn't ask for and which
      will be no use to them unless they own an XG1.

      And precious little use to them even if they do...

      The erratum is a modification to R8, in the 34dB attenuator

      Theoretical: 34dB 1252R469 series, 52R035 shunt, Zo=50R

      Original: 34.09dB 1K27 52R3 Zo=50R27

      Modified: 33.89dB 1K24 52R3 Zo=50R22

      [ Calculated using "Pi Attenuator Calculator" by Chemandy Electronics
      http://chemandy.com/calculators/calculator-index.htm, also fits
      well between the 30dB & 35dB rows in table "Pi-Network Resistive
      Attenuators (50R)" in ARRL Handbook 2001 [30.48]. ]

      Is it worth making the mod on an already-built XG1,
      for an attenuation adjustment of around +/- 0.1dB?

      Probably not.

      Is it worth Bill making the mod, if, as he appears to be,
      he is not operating his XG1 into a 50R load?

      Certainly not - he should fix the load impedance first.

      Fortunately, the digest protects me from this :-)
      but not from the approximately 64 lines of quote
      you appended to your one-word post :-(

      >Kees & Sandy wrote:
      > >
      > > I went to the Elecraft site and .......AH, HA, there is an eratta
      > > changing one of the 1uV pad

      It isn't a "1uV" pad, it is a 34dB pad - if it is properly terminated.
      Then, if it is fed 50uV it will deliver 1uV to the load.
      That's two ifs , only the second of which is under Elecraft's control.

      >resistors for both the XG1 and XG2
      > > ....seems like R8 is supposed to be 1.24Kohm.

      And if you didn't top-post, this would have been in logical order
      and I wouldn't have needed to reiterate it above in my explanation.

      Regards, LenW
      Content of a follow-up post should exceed quoted content. (rfc1855)
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