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Re: [softrock40] RSGB Radcom

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  • Richard Bown
    ... -- Richard ************************** Registered Linux user 365161 Ham Call G8JVM http://software-radio.org.uk
    Message 1 of 6 , Apr 1, 2007
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      gandalfg8@... wrote:
      > In a message dated 01/04/2007 12:38:58 GMT Daylight Time,
      > richard.bown@... writes:
      > From the sound of the letter , it looks like a ready built one,
      > probably purchased from W&S in the UK
      > I don't kwnow if W&S are building them or buying ready built from
      > Tony ?
      > ------------------------
      > He states quite clearly he bought the kit and built up the circuit
      > board but it didn't say where he bought it.

      > I thought it a very odd letter to send to RadCom and even more odd
      > that they should publish it.
      > It worries me that perhaps the new RadCom editor might not be such a
      > welcome replacement for the old one after all.
      > We know that someone else tried it with a different PC, and with
      > similar problems, but neither of these two, nor the editor, seems to
      > have questioned whether or not there might be a construction problem.
      > To the rest of the world it gives a very unfair impression
      > of softrock performance.
      > To those of us in the know it gives the impression, also perhaps
      > unfair, that these two and the RadCom editor are idiots, or, at the
      > very least, much more "amateur" than one might expect.
      > Whoops
      > rant over:-)
      > Just a bit biased here, as the previous, relatively short
      > lived, editor of RadCom showed strong signs at times of wanting to
      > run it more in the style of The Ladies Home Journal:-)
      > Nigel
      > GM8PZR
      > OK , just checked and I did misread it, but stll nort the right place
      > to winge


      -- Richard
      Registered Linux user 365161
      Ham Call G8JVM
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