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9274Re: [softrock40] Re: Softrock 40/80 debug

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  • Michael Karliner
    Mar 1, 2007
      I've spent some hours now, checking everything around
      U8, the output op amp, and the U7, the FST 3253.

      It all checks ok to voltages and connectivity.
      I've got plenty of signals, in fact DigPan,
      connected up through Rocky, is showing tons
      of PSK activity on 40M.

      However, I definitely don't have any signal out
      of the op amp connected to the 'tip' output,
      so the whole band is folded over.
      Also, I can't really see very much if I switch
      to 80M, although it may just be quiet.

      My best guess is that the op amp is dead
      or that one of the clocks into U7 is somehow
      not there.
      Unless anyone has any other suggestions, I guess
      I'll have to wait for access to a scope.


      philip_g7jur wrote:
      > --- In softrock40@yahoogroups.com, "Michael Karliner" <mike@...> wrote:
      >> I completed the build of my TXRX today, checked resistances and
      >> initial current drain which seem OK. Upon connecting up to my
      >> PC and Rocky, I'm getting faint signals, but they are symmetrical
      >> around the center frequency, and connecting headphones to output shows
      >> that I've got no signal on the tip side.
      >> Unfortunately, I have not much in the way of test gear at the
      >> moment, although I'm trying to borrow a scope.
      >> Any words of wisdom or suggestions for debugging?
      >> Thanks in advance Mike (G8LKD, when I get this working..)
      > Hello Mike.
      > Get a good powerful light and magnifying glass and check your soldering
      > around all the ICs, and other joints.
      > I know that this is pretty obvious but this is more likely then a faulty
      > component.
      > Best of luck Philip g7jur.
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