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8667Re: Shared MIC/LINE inputs at Audigy SE ? How to use with SoftRock ?

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  • ut1wpr
    Feb 3, 2007
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      > Until I implement the audio switch in my RXTX Beta I am stuck with 2
      > sound cards.
      > Jean-Claude PJ2BVU
      Thanks to all. Everything is understood.
      Summarized I can say:
      if I want only rx - it will be enough ONE soundcard
      if I want rx and tx - I need to have TWO cards.
      This limits comes from combined mic/line inputs on Creative.
      Greate thanks to Creative designers! :-)
      Probably was very hard to make separate inputs... :-)

      Anyway thanks to all, who tryed to explaine and help me!

      73! de Vic/ut1wpr
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