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78293Re: Softrock ensemble txrx with multipsk and WSPR

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  • sparxx@btinternet.com
    Jun 15, 2014
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      I managed to get Fldigi and HDSDR to work with my setup, tx and rx.

      win7, softrock ensemble txrx, behringer external sound card, VAC (full version) and VSP Manager. I followed the document found in the files of this group (Using Fldigi with HDSDR and Softrock RXTX Radios) but had to change the fldigi settings to capture line 2 and playback line 1 for some reason. I have the capture, playback sample rates and also the rigcat baud rate at just 9600. 

      I can now rx and tx data modes. There is an image but I can null it out OK with HDSDR. It took me 6 weeks from buying the rig already made to get to that point.
      I thought previously that powersdr worked but even the early issue I had crashed after a day or so. 

      On closer examination I think I may be tx'ing some type of double sideband as I can tune in a tx'd audio signal in both LSB and USB settings on my DX394 rx spaced about 1 kHz apart. I can't do that with external ssb signals off air with the DX394. It is either LSB or USB, not both. I tried tx'ing data into a dummy load and can pick up the signal in two places spaced by about 2.8kHz, I don't think it is an image. I played with the Flo and Ftune settings of the HDSDR and the sweet spot setting in Fldigi but  that didn't change it. Turning the power down and changing from the external sound card to the internal one doesn't has no effect on this either. 

      So, is there a know issue with double sideband with the softrock? Is it something else? Is it obvious? 

      I don't want to go on air if it tx's two signals.


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