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76023Transceive Softrock Ensemble II RX and ORION II

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  • ka7u_1
    Dec 21, 2013
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      So I have HDSDR controlling a Softrock Ensemble II RX, N4PY rig control software controlling an ORION II, HDSDR and the softrock frequency coordinated with N4PY and the ORION II via virtual serial ports by com0com, and I've modified the ORION II to bring out a "Sub-Receiver" antenna for the Softrock.  Now how is the best way to silence the Softrock receiver when the ORION II is transmitting.  I've been just using the Softrock as a tuning aid and letting the ORION II receiver do the talking, but thinking forward, I would like to use the Softrock to transceive with other radios and use the Softrock audio instead of the radio receiver.

      Before I get involved with solder and wire, I'm thinking the HDSDR and the Softrock should have a mute line via the USB/I2C serial line, but I don't find a control that uses it in the HDSDR options?

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